with discount circular saw blade rakers best service and low price

Makita D-03333 165 x 20 mm 24-Teeth Circular Saw Blade

  • Suited to cutting wood
  • Fits Makita BSS611, BS610, BHS630 and the 5604.
  • Does not require frequent sharpening
  • Outer diameter – 165 mm
  • Internal – 20 mm

Bosch Professional Top Precision Best for Wood Circular Saw Blade (for Wood, 165 x 20 x 1.8 mm, 48 Teeth; Accessories for Circular Saws)

  • For precise, clean and quiet cuts in all types of wood
  • Blade diameter: 165 mm, bore: 20 mm; cut width; 1.8 mm; number of teeth: 48
  • Suitable for plunge-cutting and circular saws of most power tool brands
  • Specially engineered damping slots for particularly quiet running, significantly less noise and noticeably lower vibration
  • Clean results thanks to high-quality carbide teeth

Dewalt DT99561-QZ DT99561-QZ-Hojas para Sierra Circular portátil XR Extreme RUNTIME 165mm x 20mm 42D, Black/Yellow, 165/20mm 42WZ/FZ

  • The brand in which professionals trust

OX OX-TCTW-TF-1362020 Wood Cutting Thin Kerf Circular Saw Blade 136/20mm, 20 Teeth ATB, Silver/ Blue

  • Alternative ATB-Zahnkonfiguration (Top Bevel) mit Rückschlagschutz zum reibungslosen Schneiden von Holz, dünnes Schnittdesign für kabellose Maschinen
  • Aufgebohrte Bohrung für präzisen Sitz auf der Spindel
  • Eingebettete Wolframspitze
  • Lieferung mit Reduzierringen
  • 136 mm Durchmesser mit 20 mm Bohrung und 20 Zähnen

Rennie Tool 185mm x 30mm x 80T TCT Circular Wood Saw Blade Includes Reduction Rings

  • Profesional quality hardened and tempered Tungsten Carbide tipped circular saw blades
  • For chipboard, hardwood, softwood and other composite materials
  • Alternating top bevel tungsten carbide tipped teeth
  • 30 mm bore with 25mm, 20mm and 16mm reduction rings included
  • 80 Teeth – 2.5mm Kerf

DEWALT DT10624-QZ Extreme Framing Circular Saw Blade 165 mm 24T

  • Reduced thrust required by the user; cuts straight with reduced binding
  • The teeth stay sharper longer with reduced breakage
  • Saw blade diameter 165 mm, bore size; 20 mm , number of teeth; 24 grind geometry; ATB
  • C3 next generation teeth, up to three regrinds and 2 x life vs construction range
  • Resin filled expansion slots dampen noise and vibration

2206 – Key Blades and Fixings 160mm X 20mm X 2.2mm 48T Triple Chip for Solid Surface (Zenith,Trespa Etc.) Teflon Coated Professional Quality Saw Blade Best for Quality and Price

  • MFC

Makita D-03349 Circular Saw Blade for Wood 165 x 20 x 40 Teeth, 0 V, Silver/Black

  • Application: wood, carpentry, Joinery
  • Good cutting speed at low cost
  • Diameter of 165mm with a tooth count of 40

7Pcs HSS Rotary Tool Saw Blades, (Nitriding Steel) Mini Circular Saw Blade Set, Wood Cutting Discs, Mini Drill with (3.175mm) 1/8" Extension Rod for Dremel Drills Rotary Tools by AniSqui

  • Premium Quality —– Made of strong HSS (High Speed Steel), durable and firm,The Maximum RPM of mini Circular Saw Blade Set is 20000, so it is possible to make these functions (settings accurately, quickly, and accurately cut).
  • Better And Faster —— High Speed Steel blades set for accurate, fast and precision cutting, can be completed in 2 minutes.
  • Multipurpose —– Our mini Circular Saw Blade Set is suitable for timber, plastic, fiberglass, copper, aluminium and soft metal etc. soft metal. An indispensable tool for carving work.
  • Available in 6 Diameters —– Our rotary tool saw blades has 6 PCS Different Size Circular Saw Blades (22*0.8*6.35mm, 25*0.8*6.35mm, 32*0.8*6.35mm, 35*0.8*6.35mm, 44*0.8*6.35mm, 50*0.8*6.35mm), and also has 1 PCS Extension Rod (3.175mm) 1/8″” straight shank for firmly holding and accurate centering.
  • Note!!! —– When using these saw blade, the mandrel must be clamped into bottom (as shown in Figure 4). Because the center of gravity of the rod front is heavier, under high-speed rotation, inertia will change its running track! ! ! Therefore, the mandrel must be clamped into bottom, otherwise, the saw blade may be bent.

Bahco BAH2315-TB BH23-15 HOJA Sierra 15, Bronze, 380 mm

  • Material: Hardened and tempered high-quality steel
  • Raker toothing
  • For sawing in green wood

2222 – Key Blades and Fixings Twin Pack 160mm X 20mm X 2.2mm 1 X 24 Tooth 1 X 48 Tooth TS55 Teflon Coated Professional Quality Saw Blade Best for Quality and Price

  • 160mm diameter Festool TS55 & TSC55 Fitment
  • 1 X 48 Tooth
  • 1 X 24 Tooth
  • 2.2mm kerf
  • 20mm bore

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