the newest dry cut ultra thin diamond blade cutting

Blue Spot Tools 19549 2 Piece 9 Inch Diamond Cutting Disc Set

  • Specially designed to provide fast and accurate dry cutting with a high resistance to breakage and long lasting durability.
  • Ideal for many materials including roof tiles, high density concrete, kerb stones, slabs, pipes and bricks
  • Suitable for all makes of angle grinders
  • Diameter: 230mm (9″) / Bore: 22.23mm, Maximum safe speed:6600 RPM (80m/s)
  • MPA Tested/EN13236

Rolson 24398 12-inch Dry Cut Diamond Blade, 300 mm

  • High quality diamond concentration
  • Diamond tipped blade
  • Dimension 300 mm
  • Consistent cutting depth
  • Outstanding cutting performance and long cutting life

T TOVIA Continuous Rim Turbo Diamond Blade for Wet Cutting of Porcelain Tiles Ceramic, 4 1/2 Inch 115mm, 7/8 Inch Arbor Angle Grinders

  • Hot pressing process combined with premium continuous rim diamond blade, desighed for fast wet cutting for porcelain, tiles and ceramic
  • The high quality diamond matrix of 10 mm wide cutter head has been optimized to cut through tiles with 30% longer service life and 30% sharpness
  • Round hole design near the edge of saw blade, great for heat dissipation, water guide, dust removal; the maximum speed is 13,200 RPM
  • Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade provides precise clean excellent cutting performance, less dust, less vibration and chip-free
  • Specifically for use for cutting porcelain, tiles and ceramic, not inclued other stones ; Fit to 7/8″ arbor 4 1/2″ angle grinder , 115mm

Evolution Power Tools Diamond Blade, 185 mm

  • Ideal for cutting brick, concrete and stone
  • Hardened blade body ensures the blade runs truer for longer
  • High concentration of diamond for longevity
  • Suitable only for use with an Evolution saw
  • Fast clean and accurate cutting capability

SHDIATOOL Diamond Super Thin Blade for Porcelain Ceramic Tile Granite 5PK Dia 115MM / 4.5 Inch Turbo Cutting Disc

  • 5pcs 115mm Super-Thin diamond turbo cutting blades
  • Dia 115mm/4.5″ ,Segment height 10mm,Segments thickness 1.3-1.4mm ,Bore: 22.23mm/7/8″
  • Wet and Dry cutting
  • efficient in ceramic/tile, hard material cutting, chip-free
  • Professional qualtiy, very fast cutting

Bosch Professional Best for Ceramic Extra Clean Turbo Diamond Cutting Disc (Ceramic, Ø 125 x 22.23 mm, Accessories for Angle Grinders)

  • Best for Ceramic Extra Clean Turbo diamond cutting disc for particularly clean cuts with porcelain
  • Optimised diamond matrix for splinter-free cutting
  • The turbo rim enables clean results to be achieved with all types of hard ceramics
  • Areas of use: Suitable for cutting ceramics, porcelain and fine stoneware
  • Compatibility: Ideal for angle grinders

9"D230mm Super Thin Diamond Ceramic Saw Blade Porcelain Cutting Blade for Cutting Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile

  • 【Size & Material】: This tile blade is made of quality metal alloy with diamond grains, which is durable and high strength. Available in various sizes to choose, the size is: 230 x 10 x 1.88 x 22.23mm, Thickness: 1.88mm, Outer Diameter:230mm /9 inch, 7/8” arbor, Diamond concrete saw blade has a tough body with 1.88mm thickness.
  • 【Tile Saw Blade Wet & Dry】: This 9inch tile blade features a 10mm diamond rim, Super thin porcelain saw blade with free chips for cutting, Matched with hand-held machine with a 7/8″ or 5/8″ Arbor, It can be used on different types of angle grinders and tile cutters, Ideal for Wet and Dry cutting. Furthermore, it is easy to install and ready to use.
  • 【Turbo Rim Design 】: The wet saw blade has turbo rim edge help to increase the work efficiency, strong body and excellent material formula, high quality diamonds can efficient cutting and provide longer service life. They have the right thickness, thin enough to minimize loss of material but thick enough not to drift during cuts.
  • 【High Performance】: Diamond saw blades comes with X teeth offer fast and smooth cutting. High-Performance diamond matrix provides long life and enhanced material removal. this blade cuts through porcelain like butter. 1.88mm thickness can keep staying original diameter makes it easier to make straight cuts and deeper cuts.
  • 【Widely Applications】: Our Grinder blade can be available used as porcelain tile blade, ceramia tile blade, granite blade, diamond blade and other thin masonry blade. Warm Prompt: For your personal protection, before you start working we recommend that you wear safety glasses, dust aspirators, welding gloves, safety shoes, and other appropriate equipment.(Take good care of your eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc)

115mm Diamond Cutting Disc Turbo Ultra Thin Saw Blade for Concrete,Tiles, Stone, Brick, Granite(115mm, Red)

  • This 115mm diamond cutting blades features a diamond rim, fits most tile saws and hand-held angle grinders with arbor.
  • Universal for dry or wet cutting, provide fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience for you.
  • Super thin turbo mesh rim diamond blade, High Performance diamond matrix provides long life and enhanced material removal.
  • Diamond wheels are specially designed to be very sharp, enabling precise, efficient and fast cutting even on hard materials.
  • Available for cutting porcelain,ceramic tile,granite, marble, sandstone quartz, bathroom tiles, wall tiles, stone composite,etc.

Richmann Exclusive Super Thin Professional Diamond disc Blade 115×22.2 Dry Cutting, Tile Cutter (C4850)

  • Designed for dry cutting of following materials: concrete, marble, tiles, clinnkier, brick, granite
  • Segment reduced thickness: 115-1.2 ; 45% thinner than in average diamond blades
  • Thin segment for precise cut. 22.2 mm bore
  • Essential for every tiler or builder

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