scanmaskin floor grinding diamond segment for concrete

APLUS Grinding Wheel, Turbo Diamond Cup, 7'' (180mm) Angle Grinder Disc for : Concrete, Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, Cement

  • This aggressive turbo cup grinding wheel provides for very fast cutting action on masonry, stone and concrete
  • Large grinding segments with heat treated cup design
  • Suitable for use on grinding on marble, tile, concrete and rock
  • Use Dry/Wet to smooth Concrete or Field Stone
  • Heavy Duty Contractor PRO Grade 4.92 Inch Grinding Wheel

Diamond Polishing Pads, Topcloud 4 inch 10 Pads for Granite Stone Concrete Marble Floor Grinder or Polisher, 50#-3000# with Hook & Loop Backing Holder Pads for Wet Polisher

  • Design for Precision: Sharp, wear-resistant, and high efficiency. The Pads are Color Coded per Grit being easy to identify and provide a different professional polished find. Optimal RPM 2200, Max RPM 6000. Operate between 2500-5000 RPM to avoid potential damage to your surface
  • Dry/Wet Polishing: The polishing pad can be used for wet and dry polishing, for best results recommended to use polishing pads with water; Great for all solid surface material such as granite, concrete, marble, stone, tiles, etc
  • Durable Quality: All the polishing pad are made of high-quality diamond powder impregnated in high-temp resistant resin; Sharp and wear-resistant, can be used on flat, curved surfaces or edges; Great for fast polishing speed of rough grinding, smooth grinding, fine grinding, polishing
  • Quick Attach and Release: HOOK & LOOP backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal, with water hole in center; Color-coded backers to easily identify polishing pads grit
  • What You Get: In this polishing pads set, it includes 10pcs pad (50#, 100#, 150#, 300#, 500#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 3000#), 1pc hook and loop backing pad, 1pc 1/4 Inch Shank, they are well packed for your polishing use

Gunpla 115mm x 22,2mm 4.5 inch Diamond Grinding Disc Double Row Abrasive Cup Wheel Segment Grinder for Concrete Granite Stone Masonry Marble Plastering Removal

  • These concrete grinding discs are made from high quality and durable diamond coating. They are professional and amateur tools produced to give flawless working results.
  • Our abrasive diamond cup wheel have dome flange shapes, Suitable for polished leveling of concrete flooring or material such as marble, granite etc. When adding some water, you get better effects during grinding.
  • With air holes, they are purposely designed to favor and maintain a cool and stable cutting pattern and reduce wear and tear.
  • The brazed double row segments are perfect for both fast and smooth grinding with the 5mm segment height. They can be used in a wet or dry state, great to use in different situations.
  • Gunpla heavy duty diamond grinding disc can be used for concrete, stone, plaster, paint and mortar coating removal. Also suitable for marble, tile, rock and concrete grinding.

Diment Power Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder 115mm / 125mm

  • ☆ Grinder dust shroud sitable for different surfaces: paint, marble, concrete, tiles, walls.
  • ☆ Applicable model: angle grinder dust extraction suitable for the front cover of most 48-51mm angle grinders. Can be installed on more than 95% of 100mm/115mm/125mm angle grinders.
  • ☆ Ring brush with spring: There is a ring brush with spring on the edge. Even if the dust cover is not completely flat or the polished surface is very uneven, moving the dust cover can make you work normally, which can effectively prevent dust from escaping.
  • ☆ The interface size is the same as that of European vacuum cleaners. All standard vacuum valves can be easily connected without other accessories; made of glass-filled nylon, with wear resistance and long life.
  • ☆ Equipped with accessories: 1 elbow wrench (easy and quick to install), 3 tightening connections (allowing to install the hood on angle grinders of different brands.), 1 x 5.5 mm washer, 1 steel ring.

NOVOTOOLS Diamond Blade 230 x 22.2 mm Segmented Cutting Disc for Cutting Concrete, Stone, Brick, Lintels, Granite, Natural Stone

  • Diameter 230mm, Bore 22.2mm
  • General building use on Concrete, Stone, Brick, Slabs, Roof Tiles, Lintels, Granite, Natural Stone, Pipes
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore including Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Silverline etc
  • Max speed 6,600 RPM, 80 m/s
  • Manufactured and certified to EN13236

DT-DIATOOL Diamond Cutting and Grinding Discs 4.5 Inch / 115mm x M14 Double Side Coated Vacuum Brazed for Granite Concrete Marble Stone

  • Quantity: 1 piece; Diameter: 4.5″/115mm; Segment Thickness: 2.4-2.5mm; Connection: M14 Thread Flange (Very important for your machine)
  • Multi-purpose and aggressive for fast cutting, shaping and grinding stone marble granite concrete
  • Widely used for profiling edges, smoothing out inside sinkhole cuts, and smoothing
  • Very good for removing deep scratches from stone, prior polishing; Also widely used for removing coating on concrete floors
  • Special Design with eight flange holes; the flange can be installed on both side; both side can be used efficient; lower cost

Silverline 656592 Diamond Grinding Wheel 100 x 22.23 mm Double Row

  • Sintered wheel with 7 mm segment height for concrete, masonry and stone
  • Double row offers finer finishing
  • Max 15,000rpm
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders including Silverline and GMC

KingBra Wet Granite Diamond Polishing Pads 6 Inch/150mm for Concrete, Sander,Granite, Stone, Marble, Countertop Floor Glass Quartz Polishing (Grit 50)

  • 1.✔SIZE & GRIT: Grit (#) 50, Diameter 6 Inch (150mm), Inner Bore: 20 mm, Thickness 3 mm, Max RPM 4000
  • 2.✔ PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Diamond Impregnated Resin, used with Wet Grinders Polishers
  • 3.✔ EASY TO OPERATE: Hook and Loop Backed Flexible, easy connect and removal, with water hole in center
  • 4.✔ GOOD EFFECT: High diamond concentration for fast and aggressive polishing. High brightness and no fade polishing result
  • 5.✔ APPLICATIONS: The diamond polishing pad is used for Granite, Concrete, Marble, Stones, Glass, Travertine, Quartzite, Ceramic, and Terrazzo tiles polishing

PRODIAMANT Pro Protect Diamond Cutting Disc 150 x 22.2 mm with Protective Segments for Masonry Stone Concrete B25 Granite Roof Tiles Brick 150 mm

  • Diamond tools from Prodiamant are manufactured with high-quality industrial diamonds, which withstand high demands in the specified materials
  • 150 mm diamond cutting disc with protective segments bore 22.23 mm, segment height 7 mm, suitable for angle grinders of the brands Bosch, Makita, Festool, Flex, Metabo, Würth, Einhell, Hitachi, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Fein, Black & Decker, Lux and others with M14 thread spindle
  • The many years of experience of our employees allows us to offer perfectly coordinated tools for different applications
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Stadea PPW118D Concrete Sanding Polishing Pads 4 Inch Grit 30 – Diamond Pads for Concrete Terrazzo Marble Floor Granite Stone Counter Wet Polishing – Pack of 2

  • Stadea Series Standard J, 4″ Wet Diamond Polishing Pads Designed to Polish Concrete Surfaces, Concrete floor, Concrete Countertop, Terrazzo Floors, Quartz Stone Granite counter Edges. Outstanding finish on Travertine Floor, Marble Floor & Countertop, Countertop Edge polishing, glass polishing
  • Grit 30 polishing pad 1 piece, also available in Grit 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1500, 3000, 6000, 8000. Grit 30, 50, 100, 200 pads can be used either wet or dry
  • Outstanding finish and shine on Concrete Countertop, Concrete Floor. Exellent finish on Terrazzo Floor, Travertine Floor, Marble Floor Polishing, Granite Edge, Quartz Edge, Stone Edge Polishing
  • Aggressive, flexible and durable made with quality resin impregnated diamond powder
  • Optimal RPM 2200, Max RPM 4500

Bosch 2608602554 Expert for Concrete Extra-Clean Diamond Grinding Head, 125mm Ø, 22.23mm x 4.5mm, Grey

  • Size: 125 x 22.23 x 4.5 mm
  • Color: Grey
  • Diameter: 125mm

Aussel Diamond Polishing Pad 4 Inch Wet Polishing Wheel Set for Granite Concrete Stone Ceramic 11PCS

  • Great performance of wet polishing works like wet marble polishing,wet granite polishing and wet stone polishing.
  • Material: diamond powder and resin powder.
  • Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal;color coded backers to easily identify polishing pads grit.
  • Package includes 10different grits polishing pads, a backer pad and a screw;Grits:50;100;150;300;500;800;1000;1500;2000;3000.
  • Suitable for polishing concrete, marble, granite, ceramic and stones.

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