saw blade disc for aluminium with japan technology

SHDIATOOL Diamond Cutting Grinding Disc 2PK 3 Inch / 75mm Dual Blade Saw Blade for Granite Marble Concrete

  • 2pcs Diamond cutting grindng disc saw blade dual blade cut grind sharpen granite marble concrete
  • Outer Diameter: 75mm (3″); Segment Thickness: 2.4mm; Arbor M14
  • Wet or dry working for Granite, marble, natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick, block
  • Excellent cutting performance in hard materials with a long service life
  • Special design of the holes on the core help cooling when processing

Makita B-10615 Specialised Blade for Cordless Saws

  • Diameter 136mm
  • Kerf 15mm
  • Bore 20mm
  • Tooth count 30
  • Thickness 1.2mm
  • Rake 0 degrees
  • Cut type cross cut and rip cut

Makita D-03349 Circular Saw Blade for Wood 165 x 20 x 40 Teeth, 0 V, Silver/Black

  • Application: wood, carpentry, Joinery
  • Good cutting speed at low cost
  • Diameter of 165mm with a tooth count of 40

Makita B-09195 Specialised Blade for Cordless Saws

  • Diameter 190mm
  • Kerf 2mm
  • Bore 30mm
  • Tooth count 24
  • Thickness 1.4mm
  • Rake 20 degrees
  • Cut type cross cut and rip cut

Makita B-09656 Specialised Aluminium Cutting Blade

  • Recommended to apply blade wax to the tip area
  • Diameter 260mm
  • Kerf 2.3mm
  • Bore 30mm
  • Tooth count 80
  • Thickness 1.8mm
  • Rake -5 degrees

Carbide Saw Blade 2 Pack Circular Wood Cutter 40T Saw Plunge Blade Discs Blade Woodworking Wood Plastic Cutting 4 inch

  • Durable Material: Circular saw blades are made of durable premium alloy steel material, with Alloy thickening teeth for effective woodworking.
  • Good Speed Cutting Saw: Experience great cutting performance with this wood cutter. The saw blades ensure fast and accurate cutting with impressive results.
  • Smooth Cutting: Sharp saw blade cutters, with thin kerf to provide smooth cuts. The saw blades can be used with Circular Saw, Miter Saw, Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, and more.
  • Application: Perfect choice for a circular saw, miter saw, table saw when one is needed for ripping and crosscutting. MAX RPM up to 11000
  • Dimension: Diameter: 105 mm x 20 mm; Carbide Teeth: 40.

Bosch Professional 1x Plunge Cutting Saw Blade AII 65 APB (for Wood and Metal, 40 x 65 mm, Accessory Multitool)

  • With Starlock clamping system
  • Made of Bi-Metal
  • Range of application: wood and metal

Bosch 2608641185 Optiline Wood Circular Hand Saw Blade, 190mm x 2.0mm x 30mm, 24 Teeth, Silver

  • Usage: Woodcutting
  • Color: Silver

WellCut TCT Saw Blade, Accessory Circular Saw Blade, Plunge Saw Blade 165mm x 60T x 20mm Bore for DSS610, M18CS55, GKS18, HD18CS, Wood, Plastic, Laminate

  • APPLICATION: The circular saw blade is designed with an Alternate Top Bevel tooth shape and is suitable for fine cutting of various wood materials such as hardwood, softwood, Particle Board, and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • FINE CUT: Manufactured with 60 Teeth, this professional circular saw blade is recommended for very fine, clean cuts. Keep the teeth staying sharp by using your favourite circular saw blade sharpener with this product. It’ll last for years to come!
  • LASER-CUT BODY: The fully hardened blade plate is cut by laser which offers great flatness of the blades and results in precise and straight cuts. This makes it ideal for professional use, particularly for woodworkers and carpenters
  • BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH CUT: This wood cutting circular saw blade has premium tungsten carbide teeth with a 17° positive rake angle, resulting in long-lasting, fast and sharp cutting performance – which is all you can ask for in a saw blade
  • ULTRA-THIN AND LIGHT DESIGN: Its 1.5mm ultra-thin cutting kerf results in less waste and decreased push force needing to be applied by the user, and the lightweight design makes the saw blades ideal for cordless circular saws, including your Makita circular saw, DeWalt circular saw, etc

Bosch 2608641184 Optiline Wood Circular Hand Saw Blade, 190mm x 2.0mm x 30mm, 16 Teeth, Silver

  • Usage: Woodcutting
  • Product Dimension: 190mm X 2.0mm X 30mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Cutting Diameter: 190 millimetres

Wood Carving Disc Angle Grinder Cutting Discs, Speedcutter 125mm, T TOVIA Wood-Carving Saw Blade Disc 5" for Angle Grinder, Sculpting, Shaping and Cutting Wheel with 3 Teeth, Teflon Coating, 125mm

  • REVOLUTIONARY 3-TOOTH DESIGN- Three semicircle YG8 tungsten carbide teeth reduce drag and ensure smooth grooving, grinding, cutting and carving; Mounting bore: 7/8″ (22 mm)
  • ANTIKICKBACK DESIGN- The disc body is specially designed with feed stop preventing the disc from being submerged into the material uncontrolled, which in turn prevents the kickback
  • DURABLE TEFLON COATING- Teflon coated for long service life owing to the Low Coefficient of Friction of the Teflon(PTFE) material; Ideal for being used as grinder shaping disc, sculpting and cutting wheel and also circular saw blade

3205 – Key Blades and Fixings 162mm x 1.8mm x 48T Triple Chip Solid Surface and MFC/Laminate Blades for MT55 Mt55cc Mafell Saw Teflon Coated Professional Quality Saw Blade Best for Quality and Price

  • 162mm Diameter
  • 48 Tooth Triple Chip Grind (TCG)
  • 1.8mm Kerf
  • 20mm Bore
  • Teflon Coated for longer life

Bosch 2608640613 Optiline Wood Circular Hand Saw Blade, 190mm x 2.6mm x 20mm, 36 Teeth, Silver

  • Cutting Diameter: 19 millimetres
  • Color: Silver

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