power tools parts/tct circular saw blade for wood cutting

Evolution Power Tools RAGEBLADE185WOOD Wood Carbide-Tipped Blade, 185 mm

  • Designed specially to cut wood
  • 18 tooth configuration enables fast efficient cuts
  • High grade carbide teeth, offering increased durability
  • Hardened blade body ensures the blade runs truer for longer
  • 185 mm blade diameter and 20 mm bore diameter

TCT160MXAPRO Saxton Professional Range TCT Circular Saw Blade 160mm 40 and 80T x 20mm Bore, 16mm Ring Compatible with Festool TS55 Bosch Makita Dewalt etc (Pack A)

  • The professional range blades have harder, German made Tungsten Carbide Tips for longer life. Specially designed anti-vibration slots enable smooth running, easy handling and less noise
  • Suitable for cutting hardwood, softwood, particle board, MDF, plywood and much more
  • Tooth Configuration: (ATB) Alternate Top Bevel – Body Thickness: 1.2mm – Kerf: 1.7mm
  • Blade Diameter: 160mm – Bore size: 20mm (16mm reduction ring included) – Teeth: 40 & 80
  • For use with corded and cordless circular saws. Compatible with Festool, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt etc

TCT1253T Saxton 125mm 22.23 mm Bore Arbor TCT Circular Saw Wood Blade Disc for Angle Grinder Woodcarving, Sculpting, Shaping, Grooving and Cutting

  • Used for wood sculpting, shaping, grinding and grooving
  • The saw blade has 3 tungsten carbide teeth. This design allows the debris to be removed easily
  • The blade can be operated at high speeds without overheating. This will prolong the life of the blade
  • For 125mm (5”) angle grinders 22.23mm bore. 2.2mm body thickness
  • Works on: wood, laminated flooring, plywood, plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, chipboard etc

Evolution Power Tools R210TCT-24T (Rage) Multi-Material TCT Blade Cuts Wood, Metal and Plastic, 210 mm

  • Easily cuts mild steel, aluminium, plastic, wood and wood with nails
  • High grade carbide teeth, offer increased durability
  • High quality blade manufactured in Japan
  • 24 tooth configuration enables fast efficient cuts
  • 210 mm blade diameter and 25.4 mm bore diameter
  • Compatible with R210CMS – 210mm Mitre Saw, R210SMS – 210mm Mitre Saw, R210SMS+ – 210mm Mitre Saw, R210SMS-300+ – 210mm Mitre Saw, R210MTS – 210mm Mitre/Table Saw, RAGE3-S – 210mm Mitre Saw, RAGE3-S300 – 210mm Mitre Saw

OX OX-TCTW-TF-1651624 Wood Cutting Thin Kerf Circular Saw Blade – 24 Teeth Cordless Circular Cutting Disk – Silver/Blue Circular Blade – 165/16 mm

  • ATB TOOTH CONFIGURATION: The OX Wood Cutting Circular Blade has an Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth configuration along with anti-kickback, to ensure smooth cutting of wood.
  • THIN KERF DESIGN: The OX Circular Saw Blade has a Thin Kerf design for convenient use on the cordless machines.
  • EMBEDDED TUNGSTEN TIP: The Tip of the Circular Saw Blade’s teeth is embedded with tungsten, which makes it wear resistant, thus adding stability and strength.
  • PRECISION FIT TO SPINDLE: The reamed central bore of the OX Circular Saw Blade ensures a precise fit to the spindle.
  • SUPPLIED WITH REDUCING RINGS: Reducing Rings are supplied with the Circular Saw Blade, to ensure a perfect fit of the blade to the machine.

TCT18580T20B TCT Circular Saw Blade 185mm x 80T x 20mm Bore (16mm Ring) fits Evolution Bosch Makita etc

  • Professional quality, hardened and tempered tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blade.
  • 185mm diameter x 80 teeth
  • 20mm bore (16mm reduction ring included)
  • Tungsten carbide teeth for long life
  • Compatible with: Evolution, Bosch, Makita, Guild, Skil and many other circular saws

Makita D-03349 Circular Saw Blade for Wood 165 x 20 x 40 Teeth, 0 V, Silver/Black

  • Application: wood, carpentry, Joinery
  • Good cutting speed at low cost
  • Diameter of 165mm with a tooth count of 40

Trend CSB/16548B Craft Pro Trimming Crosscut TCT Blade Ideal for Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, and Evolution Circular Plunge Saws, Tungsten Carbide Tipped, 165mm x 48 Teeth x 20mm Bore

  • IDEAL COMPATIBILITY: Fast cutting performance and premium finish makes the Trend CSB/16548B the blade to have for mains plunge saws including the Makita SP6000 and DW5520K
  • MATERIAL UTTING COMPATIBILITY: The 48 tooth and 2.2mm kerf blade is ideal for crosscut and trim finish cuts in hard and softwoods and sheet materials
  • QUALITY PERFORMANCE: A 15-degree hook ATB (Alternative Top Bevel) tooth design ensures faster consistent cutting performance and clean crosscutting across all suitable material options
  • QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Precision reamed 20mm bore for ultimate smooth, clean cutting performance
  • HIGH GRADE STEEL: The Trend blade utilises a high grade alloy steel plate, hardened and tempered to maintain flat and true performance for assured accuracy and longevity

Grinder Wood Carving Disc GRAFF® Speedcutter 115mm, TCT Circular Saw Blade for Angle Grinder – Woodcarving Saw Blade 22.23 mm Arbor, Sculpting, Shaping and Cutting Wheel with 3 Teeth (115 mm)

  • Multifunction wood cutting disc for angle grinder 115 mm (4 ½ Inch) is an ideal solution for wood carving, sculpting and shaping. This woodworking tool has 3 tungsten carbide teeth and antikickback design, and it is safer than 6 teeth wood carving disc. This is one of the most universal wood carving tools and stump grinder. ✷This carving blade was certified by MPA Hannover.✷
  • This grinding disc 115 mm (4 ½ Inch) has unique tungsten carbide semi-circular tooth shape and because of this can replace wood carving tools set. It can be used as grinder shaping disc, sculpting and cutting wheel and also circular saw blade and is designed for wood carvings.
  • Angle grinder wood cutting wheel GRAFF Speedcutter does not overheat even after continuous work. This grinding wheel ensures safe work because it creates reasonable radial resistance value at high rotation speed rates 13200 RPM. This angle grinder wood saw disc has a special design in which the disc body has feed stop. Working with our woodcarving disc is safer than with chainsaw grinder wheels.
  • GRAFF Speedcutter is a multipurpose wood cutter. This wood shaping disc for angle grinder is intended for carving not only wood but also plywood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood), plasterboard, MDF (hardboard), chipboard, etc.
  • This angle grinder cutting wheel provides smooth grinding and carving. One more advantage is the right blade diameter – 115 mm and 125 mm (4 ½ Inch and 5 Inch) allowing easy multipurpose work on a variety of materials.

Makita B-09248 Specialised Blade for Cordless Saws

  • Diameter 165mm
  • Kerf 1.6mm
  • Bore 20mm
  • Tooth count 40
  • Thickness 1mm
  • Rake 18 degrees
  • Cut type cross cut and rip cut

Rennie Tool 165mm x 20mm x 60T TCT Cordless Circular Wood Saw Blade Includes Reduction Rings

  • Specialized for cordless saws
  • Profesional quality hardened and tempered Tungsten Carbide tipped circular saw blades For chipboard, hardwood, softwood and other composite materials
  • Alternating top bevel tungsten carbide tipped teeth
  • 20 mm bore with 16mm reduction rings included
  • 60 Teeth – 1.5mm Kerf

DEWALT DT10624-QZ Extreme Framing Circular Saw Blade 165 mm 24T

  • Reduced thrust required by the user; cuts straight with reduced binding
  • The teeth stay sharper longer with reduced breakage
  • Saw blade diameter 165 mm, bore size; 20 mm , number of teeth; 24 grind geometry; ATB
  • C3 next generation teeth, up to three regrinds and 2 x life vs construction range
  • Resin filled expansion slots dampen noise and vibration

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