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HERZO Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel 125mm/5inch for Angle Grinder Polishing Stone,Cement,Marble

  • Wide Applicability:Grinding cup wheel can fit almost all brand 125mm/5 inch angle grinder,such us Bosh,Makita,Dewalt and so on.
  • Application: Cup wheel has double row segments design and good for grinding concrete and field stone no matter wet or dry.
  • Highly Quality Material:Durable and reliable material makes this grinding wheel has a longer working times.
  • New Design: New designed,it can keep the grinder cups cooler and reduce wear and tear.
  • Wet/Dry Use:This cup can be used under dry and wet working environment and more convenient for your working.

CGOLDENWALL YJ-65 Electric Fabric Cutter with 22mm Max Cutting Thickness& 2400rpm Blade Rotating Speed& 65mm Blade Size& Automatic Sharpening Function- Ideal for Textile/Leather/Paper Cutting 220V CE

  • AUTOMATIC SHARPENING- The electric fabric cutter is designed with a sharpening device that the grinding stone will automatically grind the blade to keep its sharpness, ensuring the cutter a longer lifespan and better cutting performance. In addition, the grinding stone can be replaced without disassembling the blade.
  • APPLICATION- It is an ideal rotary fabric cutter for cutting textiles, leather products, rubber products, paper, blankets, sofas, umbrellas, hats, body armor, velvet, denim, canvas, silk, chiffon and other ultra-thin fabrics. But it does not perform well on cutting tree branches, iron sheet, or plastic products.
  • POWERFUL& FLEXIBLE- With 2400 RPM rotating speed sharp blade, the electric cloth cutter can rapidly cut off cloth of a thickness of up to 0.86 inch. Besides, the cutter operates flexibly that it can make both STRAIGHT CUTS and CURVE CUTS, without burrs or wrinkles.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION- Adjustable front knife-guard ensures safety of the operators. While protecting operators’ fingers from accidental injury, it also protects the blade from damage.
  • PACKING LIST- YJ-65 fabric cutter*1; spare blade*1; grinding stone*1; cylindrical pin*1; carbon brush*2; abrasive paper*1. →Each YJ-65 cloth cutter comes with a spare blade and if you need more blades of this cutter, please kindly refer to this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07B6M9WSM

66 pcs Cutting Wheel Set for Rotary Tool Die Grinder, Resin Cut Off Wheel, Mini HSS Saw Blade, Resin Cut Off Disc,Diamond Cutting Wheel Kit with Mandrels for Wood Plastic Stone Metal Cutting

  • WHAT YOU WILL GET: 6 Pcs HSS Circular saw blades in 22/25/32/35/44/50mm diameter; 20 pcs resin cutting discs in 32mm diameter; 20 pcs resin cutting wheels in 24mm diameter, 10 pcs diamond cutting blades in 22mm diameter; 7 pcs mandrels, 1 pcs Screwdriver,1 pcs hex shank snaps; 1 pcs three-jaw drill chuck.
  • DIAMOND CUTTING WHEELS: The cutting wheels made of high-quality diamond. With high cutting efficiency, high durability, stable quality. they are suitable for cutting gems, jade, brick, marble, glass, etc.
  • HSS SAW BLADES: The cut-off saw blades are high-speed steel and there are 6 kinds of outer diameters 22/25/32/35/44/50mm. They are suitable for cutting wood, plastic, PVC pipe, etc.
  • RESIN CUTTING WHEELS: With low heat generation and thin cutting line. They can be used to cut metal, metal, iron, aluminum, chassis modification, thin metal circuit board, and DIY production after connected with mandrels
  • APPLICATION: The cutting wheel is compatible with Dremel rotary tools, electric drills, hanging grinders, electric grinders, etc. You can use this cutting wheels set to cut metal, gemstones, porcelain, tiles, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, pipe, etc. These cutting discs sets are ideal for cutting, grooving and trimming. Widely used in carpentry and crafts

Pulluo 32 Pcs Cutting Wheel Set Diamond Cutting Discs 16/20/22/25/30/40/50/60 mm Mini Wheel Circular Saw Blade with 4 Pcs Mandrels Rotary Tool Accessorie for Resin Metal Wood Stone

  • Diamond cutting tools includes 28pcs mini saw blades; 16 mm; 20 mm; 22 mm (with holes); 25 mm; 30 mm, each type of 5 pcs; 40 mm; 50 mm, 60 mm, each type of 1 pcs ; 4 pcs cutting disc mandrels, each 3.2 mm.
  • Wide range of applications, ultra-thin diamond cutting blade has high cutting efficiency and resin cutting wheels can cut jade, wood, glass, plastic, metal, marble, masonry, stone, concrete and fiberglass.
  • Functionality metal grinding wheel is highly compatible with the cutting bar and cut-off wheels set is easy to operate. cutting discs suit for making grooves and small spaces, can be used for precision cutting. compatible with most rotary tools and pneumatic tools.
  • Circular saw blade set made of high-hardness steel, hard texture, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, surface-plated emery, fine and uniform particles, rotary tool cutting disc can be used to polish or cut the surface of objects, speed up to 20,000, high cutting efficiency, high durability.
  • To ensure personal safety when using cutting disks, wear gloves and goggles when using. Pay attention to sparks. In order to improve the life of the diamond wheel, it is recommended to use water for cooling.

2Piece Tungsten-Carbide Tile Cutter Replacement Cutting Wheel 7/8-Inch, Premium Quality Standard (5000m Ceramic Tiles Cutting Capacity), Titanium Coated, Tile Cutting Wheel 22mm 2-Pack

  • Replaces 7/8-Inch (22mm) cutting wheels with 1/4-Inch(6mm) shaft
  • Titanium coated tungsten carbide scoring edge for long life
  • High density tungsten carbide construction provides strength and durability
  • Two cutting wheel per pack

Circular Saw Blade Set KINDPMA 32 Pcs Cutting Wheel Discs with Mandrels Mini HSS Saw Blades Diamond Cutting Discs Cutting Wheel Set for Dremel Rotary Tool Wood Glass Plastic Stone Metal (32 Pcs)

  • Cutting Wheels for Dremel is made of high hardness steel, wear-resistant, not easy to break and rust, speed up to 20,000. Cutting discs suit for making grooves and small spaces, can be used for precision cutting.
  • Dremel Cutting accessory kit: 28pcs mini saw blades; diamond cutting disc diameter: 16 mm; 20 mm; 22 mm (with holes); 25 mm; 30 mm, 40 mm; 50 mm, 60 mm; cutting disc mandrels: 3.2 mm.
  • Compatibility: Resin Cut Off Disc is compatible with most rotary and pneumatic tools, tile cutters, electric grinders, such as Drehmel 3000, Dremel Chuck, Dremel stylo.
  • Efficient cutting: Cutting wheel set are suitable for all kinds of metal, wood, plasterboard, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, carbide, gemstone processing, etc.
  • Accessories works well with cutting mandrel.To ensure personal safety when using cutting disks, wear gloves and goggles when using, and use water to cool the blades for extended use.

Milward Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades, Set of 3, Silver, 45mm

  • Set of 3 replacement blades suitable for use with the MILWARD 45mm rotary cutter (2515108).
  • Made from strong and durable high quality tempered steel, these blades provide a long-lasting clean cut through materials even with prolonged usage.
  • Each pack contains 3 blades – Wave, Pinking and Perforated.
  • Designed to accurately and efficiently cut fabric into shapes and strips
  • The MILWARD brand is owned and distributed by a UK seller, from a highly reputable family owned craft and sewing business with over 50+ years of experience within the crafting, sewing and knitting sector.

Cutting Wheel Set 1/8" Shank Diamond Cutting Disc Mini HSS Saw Blades and Resin Metal Cutting Wheels Disc Tools with Mandrel & Screwdriver for Dremel Rotary Tools

  • HSS saw blade diameter: 22/25/32/35 / 44 mm, diamond cutting disc diameter: 22 mm Resin cutting wheel diameter: 32mm
  • Wood wutting saw blade discs are made of HSS, Diamond and Resin Size, Shank diameter are approx. 1/8″ (3 mm / 3.3 mm) fit for most power die grinders or rotary tools & air tools
  • The cutting wheel set is suitable for all kinds of metal, wood, gypsum board, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, hard alloy, gemstone processing, etc
  • Package include 5pcs HSS wood cutting saw blade discs, 10pcs Diamond cutting discs wheels, 10pcs Resin Cutting Wheel Cut-off Discs and 5pcs Mandrels
  • These Rotary tool cutting discs sets compatibili the majority of rotary and air tools, electric grinder, including dremel

OTOTEC 5pcs HSS Wood Cutting Saw Blade 10pcs Diamond Cutting Discs 10pcs Resin Cutting Wheel 3 Types Mini Cutting Discs Kit

  • [Package include]: 30pcs mini cutting discs kit. Include 5× HSS wood cutting saw blade discs, 10× diamond cutting discs wheels, 10× resin cutting wheel cut-off disc, and 5× mandrels.
  • [3 types cutting discs]: Convenient to use, perfect cutting effect. Simple and safe, perfect for DIY.
  • [Feature]: Suitable for cutting stone, such as gemstones, glass, ceramics, porcelain, tiles, rocks. Cutting sharp, high density material, invariant and Not burning. Wide range of use and long life.
  • [Compatibility]: 1/8″ (3mm / 3.3mm) shank.Fit for most rotary and air tools or power die grinders.
  • [Function]:Cutting,Grooving,Trimming

Dremel US700 Ultra-Saw 6-Piece Cutting Wheel Kit, White

  • Versatile 6 piece cutting kit for drywall, wood, plastic, metal, tile and more.
  • Kit Includes (1) US540 premium diamond tile cutting wheel, (2) US500 premium carbide Swiss Made wood cutting wheel, (3) US510 metal cutting wheels.
  • US540 Diamonded coated cutting wheel for cutting wall tile, floor tile, porcelain, slate, stone, and cement backer board.
  • US500 Premium Carbide Wheel for cutting a variety of woods and plastics.
  • US510 Metal Cutting Wheel idea for cutting abrasive metal materials such as copper pipe, conduit, coated wire shelving, thin sheet metal, threaded rod, sheet aluminum and more..Compatible with all Dremel corded and cordless Ultra-Saws.

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