high quality pipe elbow stainless steel 310s

Kair 90 Degree Elbow Bend 100mm – 4 inch Round Plastic Ducting Joint to Connect Round Duct Pipe or Flexible Hose

  • 100mm / 4 inch plastic ducting 90 degree elbow bend with male spigot.
  • Our 90-degree bend will push fit inside any female part such as 100mm round pipe or 102mm flexible hose when used with a hose clip or tape.
  • The rigid 90-degree bend offers superior airflow performance compared to flexible ducting.
  • When using long duct runs, ensure that your fan has the appropriate power to exert the required force.
  • Perfectly suited for ducting your Tumble Dryer, Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fan, Hydroponics, In-Line Extract Fans, or Cooker Hood or other ducting and ventilation applications.

Plumb-Pak Compression Equal Tee 15mm – Pack of 5 & Plumb-Pak Compression Elbow 15mm – Pack of 5

  • Product 1: Suitable for use on hot, cold and central heating pipework
  • Product 1: Brass compression fitting
  • Product 1: Easy to install
  • Product 2: Suitable for use on hot, cold and central heating pipework
  • Product 2: Brass compression fitting
  • Product 2: Easy to install
  • Product 2: Enables a 90° turn on pipework

100mm / 4" Ducting Pipe Elbow 90 Degree Ventilation Round Tube Bend Connector al100-90

  • Pipe Elbow 90° Diameter 100 mm
  • Material: plastic, colour: white
  • Plug and play system
  • Easy to assemble

Kamino-Flam 90° Elbow Pipe Ø 120mm, Hot-dip Aluminised (FAL) Steel Stove Pipe Elbow,  Heat Resistant Flue Pipe for Stoves, Stainless Elbow Chimney Pipe EN 1856-2 Standard

  • Stainless 90° smooth bend elbow flue pipe with door – safe discharge of combustion gases
  • Robust elbow pipe made of hot-dip aluminised (FAL) steel, suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Elbow chimney pipe with practical plug-in system for easy connection of individual elements and a door for easy cleaning
  • Flue elbow diameter: approx. 120 mm, material thickness: approx. 0.6 mm, weight: approx. 550 g
  • Box content: 1x Kamino-Flam 90° stove pipe elbow with door Ø 120 mm in silver

Kamino-Flam 90° Elbow Pipe Ø 150 mm, Steel Stove Pipe Elbow with Door, Elbow Chimney Pipe with Heat Resistant Senotherm Coating, Single Wall Flue Elbow with Door EN 1856-2 Standard, Black

  • 90° bend elbow flue pipe – safe discharge of combustion gases
  • Robust elbow pipe with Senotherm coating – ideal for extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Elbow chimney pipe with door for easier cleaning and a practical plug-in system for easy connection of individual elements
  • Flue elbow diameter: approx. 150 mm, angle: 90°, material thickness: approx. 2 mm, weight: approx. 3.6 kg
  • Box content: 1x Kamino-Flam Ø 150 mm stove pipe elbow with door in black

Plumb-Pak PF55-3AMZ Pre-Soldered Elbow 22mm – Pack of 3

  • Pre soldered for your convince
  • Suitable for hot and cold water use
  • Compact copper fitting
  • Enables a 90° turn on pipework

Sleeve Connector Diameter 4 Inch – 100 mm for Ventilation Pipe Galvanized Steel – HVAC Connecting Piece DN100 – Round Duct Airflow Muff for Connecting Metal Pipes

  • ✔Standard size ✔ Great compatibility for all ventilation systems with a diameter of 100 mm pipe and duct diameters. Use H&C vent reducer transition, to connect with other size ducts. Simply mount the connector on your DN100 ventilation pipe and connect to another!
  • ⭐ Practical application ⭐ Connect two metal pipes with this sleeve muff connector. Universal connectivity, lets you connect to fans, inline fans, air conditioner exhaust etc. Compatible with different exhaust pipes, ducts, ventilation systems and adapters.
  • ⭐ Universal ⭐ Insertion depth – 33 mm. Great use in home and apartment for bathroom ventilation, kitchen hood exhaust, garage and other ventilation. Also designed for office and industrial ventilation systems indoors and outdoors.
  • 🌦 High-quality material 🌦 Made out of galvanised steel, this connector retains technical and aestetical properties in different conditions. Works in high range of tempertures and stays rust-free in indoor and outdoor use. Material is robust, and provides comfortable and reliable use for long-term.
  • ⚒ Easy to install ⚒ Place it onto your 100 mm pipe and secure the fitment. Mount the other side to other pipe or air exit. Make sure that the connection is tight and secure!

Merriway BH04131 Overflow Pipe Fitting 90 Degrees Elbow Bend, 22 mm – White, Pack of 1

  • Overflow fitting
  • 90 deg elbow bend 22 mm
  • Can be used for plumbing
  • Good Quality product
  • Manufacturer: Bulk Hardware Limited

LUEXBOX Garden Hose Elbow Connector, 90 Degree Hose Extender, Solid Brass Elbow Water Pipe Adapter (2 Pack)

  • Garden hose 90 degree elbow is forged and shaped, with clear lines and accurate scale. The product will not have trachoma and damage, and the appearance is more exquisite.
  • Keeps hose from twisting, extend the life of your hose, extremely helpful with attaching and un-attaching the hoses.
  • The garden hose connector is perfect to change the angle of connection, which helps reduce unnecessary stress and strain on water intake hose fittings
  • Solid brass construction for maximum strength and longevity. Female end swivels (cannot be removed) for easy control of the hose while the male end is one solid piece, ensure secure fitting that prevents leaks.
  • Intake internal diameter: 3/4″. Outlet external diameter: 3/4″.The universal size 3/4“ of the hose connector can fit most American spigots and hoses.

ABRISA 4617 Fitting Elbow for Irrigation Pipe, Black

  • PE Elbow 2 equal mouths 75mm
  • Polyethylene P.E for agricultural and food irrigation
  • Brand: Dripalia

35 Pcs 304 Stainless Steel Tube with Clamps, Orifices with Tension Clamps, U-Clamps, Saddle Clamps, Attachment Rings, Hose Clamps, Fastener Brackets, U-Clamps (25MM)

  • ★ Durable Material: 304 stainless steel, high hardness, corrosion resistance, U-shaped pipe clamp has a long service life and is not easy to rust. It can be used outdoors or indoors. The surface is polished, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance of stainless steel. To achieve a better anti-rust effect, with its high-quality materials and long service life, you can complete your project faster.
  • ★ Production Requirements: We strictly follow the ROSH standard to ensure that every part we send to customers should be safe and environmentally friendly. The U-shaped slot design is very suitable for fixing pipes on various surfaces and supporting structures.
  • ★ Exquisite Edges: Our stainless steel pipe clamps are well-made, the surface is carefully treated, not scratched, and the structure is firm and not easy to break. The edges are smooth, will not hurt your hands and tubes, allowing you to work more efficiently.
  • ★ Wide Range of Uses: Stainless steel pipe clamps are used to fix the water pipe on the wall without vibration and reduce noise. Our two-hole pipe belts are widely used in pipeline installation projects such as water supply, fire fighting, heating systems, gas, petrochemical, ships, and automation systems.
  • ★ Easy to Use: The U-shaped tube strap is very easy to use, even for beginners. Just put the water pipe in a fixed position and mark the two holes of the U pipe. Drill another hole, tighten the screw, and the installation is complete. The two-hole pipe with tension clamp can lock the pipe very firmly.

35 Pcs 20mm Pipe Band Clamp, Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp, U-Shaped Pipe Clamp, Saddle Clamp, Connection Ring Hose Clamp Clamp, Tension Clamp Assortment Kit Fastener Bracket

  • 【U pipe clamp size】: suitable for 20mm/0.78″ diameter pipe, mounting hole diameter: 6mm/0.24″, width: 18mm/0.7″, thickness: 0.6mm/0.023″
  • 【High-quality material】: The U-shaped bracket is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the surface is polished, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance of stainless steel, and achieves a better anti-rust effect.
  • 【Easy to use】: Stainless steel pipe clamps are easy to fix on the wall, and can also be fine-tuned according to the thickness of the pipe, just install with screws, convenient and fast to meet your nee
  • 【Function】: These rigid pipe straps with reinforcing ribs can securely fasten conduit/pipe to studs or joists to reduce vibration noise
  • 【Wide application】: Widely used in stainless steel pipes, rubber pipes, plastic steel pipes, gas pipes or outdoor roof drainage pipes, etc.

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