high quality cheap price buffing wheel sisal polishing disc

OTTYMO 2Pcs Buffing Polishing Wheel Double-Stitched Buffing Wheel 6inch(50 ply) cleaning buffing polishing wheel cotton for Bench Grinder Tools with 1/2 Inch Arbor Hole- White and Yellow

  • ◆[Wear-Resistant Flannel Material]: The cloth wheel of the angle grinder is made of high quality flannel material, which is soft, wear-resistant, easy to use and highly efficient. In the middle of the cloth disc there is a leather center hole that does not fall off the angle grinder so easily.
  • ◆[Excellent polishing effect]: The polishing pad has a large surface area, which can improve your work efficiency and shorten the polishing time during use. It can display the properties of high efficiency and wear resistance on a large area of the workpiece plane.
  • ◆[Easy to use]: The 12 mm leather center hole of the fabric wheel is suitable for most bench grinders and polishing machines. The leather patch is more durable and has a certain degree of hardness, which is easy for you to attach and remove. It is your ideal choice for polishing or grinding.
  • ◆[Multifunctional Polishing Cloth Disc]: 15mm super thick polishing disc is more efficient in polishing and can be used for polishing and polishing various materials such as gold, silver, jewelry, precision instruments, cellphone computer cases, glass, watches. Glasses, wood, plastic, ceramics, etc.
  • ◆[Package includes]: We will provide you 1 white and 1 yellow 6 inch cloth wheel, which you can easily exchange and distinguish. You can mix the cloth wheel with powder or polishing oil to achieve a better polishing effect and make your polishing process easier.

Aussel Diamond Polishing Pad 4 Inch Wet Polishing Wheel Set for Granite Concrete Stone Ceramic 11PCS

  • Great performance of wet polishing works like wet marble polishing,wet granite polishing and wet stone polishing.
  • Material: diamond powder and resin powder.
  • Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal;color coded backers to easily identify polishing pads grit.
  • Package includes 10different grits polishing pads, a backer pad and a screw;Grits:50;100;150;300;500;800;1000;1500;2000;3000.
  • Suitable for polishing concrete, marble, granite, ceramic and stones.

Lifreer Polishing Pads for Drill, 5 Pcs Polishing Wheels Buffing Wheels for Drill Cotton Polishing Pad Mop Kit Tool for Car, Metal, Stainless Steel, Jewelry, etc Cone/Column/Mushroom

  • 【High Quality】The polishing mop wheel sets are made out of high quality lint, multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center, durable and not easy to disperse. Velvet treatment on the edge of the fabric will work well for shine your faded wheels and manifolds,would not damage your furniture surface or car paint.
  • 【Widely Applications】This Buffing wheel can be usedl for all kinds of coat paints waxing, detail polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness, for metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass and watches grinding and polishing.
  • 【Specially Design】Various shapes and sizes of polishing wheel to help you polish different items, they fit onto different size drill and can polish recessed and unreachable areas of your rims easily,makes the buffing process much easier.
  • 【Good Performance】These polishing pad mop tool can remove easily surface oxidation, rust, tar and dirt of all kinds, give your faded items a shine new look.
  • 【Easy To Use】The polishing wheels fit onto shank diameter 6mm grinders, drills, air mill, hanging mill and other machines. Working with polishing compound will have better polishing effect.

CviAn 10pcs Wear-Resistant Angle Grinder Wheels Buffing Pads Wool Buffing Angle Grinder Wheel Felt Polishing Disc Grinding Head Buffing Wheel Polishing Pad Wet Polishing Wheel Set

  • These mats are made of soft elastic wool material, which is safe, environmentally friendly, durable.
  • Made of thick wool and special adhesive, high temperature, soft and durable. It does not scratch the object when doing the polishing work.
  • This kit contains 10 polishing wheel pads of the same specifications. With an outer diameter of 4 (100 mm), an inner diameter of 16 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, it is ideal for 12000 rpm angle grinders.
  • 4 (100mm) wool sanding pad, ideal for 100 angle grinders.
  • Widely used in various surface polishing and cleaning, such as metal polishing, glass and ceramic polishing, marble, automotive and wooden floor polishing.

Coycoye 5Pcs 6 Inch Buffing Polishing Wheels for Bench Grinder with Polishing Compounds Kit, White and Yellow (Wheels and Compounds)

  • 【Durable Material】The Buffing Wheels with High grade cloth is durable, extra long life
  • 【Size】Yellow polishing wheel:6 inch face,1/2″ Arbor Hole, H:(42 ply) ,White polishing wheel:6 inch face,1/2″ Arbor Hole, H: (60 ply).Material: Cutton.Polishing waxes Size:2.25″ x 0.8″.Meet your different uses.
  • 【Valued Packge】3 x polishing cloth wheels and 2 x polishing waxes.Grit of white buffing wheel is fine,Grit of Yellow polishing wheel is medium,fit for your diffrent purpose.More cheaper than single packge.
  • 【Make Your Work Easy & Effortless】The polishing wheel with 1/2inch center hole fits most of the bench grinders and polishers. The polishing/buffing wheels will make your work easy and effortless
  • 【Application】Buffing/Polishing Wheels are perfect for brass, aluminum, bronze, steel, chrome, cast iron etc ,work with buffing compound

YSTCAN 129pcs Wool Felt Polishing Buffing Wheel Pad Felt Polishing Pad Set Grinding Head Buffing Wheel for Dremel Accessories Rotary Drill Tool Jewelry Glass Stone Metal Ceramic

  • wool felt polishing pad set: with 129 compressed wool rotating tool accessories. There are five shapes in total, 50pcs for large disc, 50pcs for small disc, 15pcs for tree handle, 10pcs for round handle, 4pcs for toothed handle.
  • Polishing and cleaning: The buffing wheel for wood is specially designed for polishing and cleaning. It is ideal for jewelry and similar works. They can touch and polish hard-to-reach areas and leave a shiny surface effect on the object.
  • Convenient and practical: These high-quality buffing wheel kit are soft, smooth and delicate. Easy to use, can be used for Dremel rotary tool accessories, felt tips, rotary grinding and polishing tools.
  • High quality:Buffing wheel for drill wool can be used in conjunction with polishing agent, it is easy to enter narrow areas. Durable and reusable, with high toughness and excellent polishing ability, use until they become too small to be used.
  • Wide range of applications: Wool buffing wheel is best used for various molds, electronic products, glass, medical equipment, gold and silver jewelry, metal, brass and non-metallic surfaces and other small parts.

6pcs Polishing Pads,Heatigo Soft Wool Buffing Pad for Car,3 inch Bonnets Waxing Buffer Discs Wheel Kit for Drill with M14 Drill Adapter

  • Our buffing pad holds the polish more evenly than a towel and adheres easily to the machine, allowing for more even material removal.
  • Polishing pads provide a more efficient method of polishing the polish to remove defects, thus significantly reducing the time you spend on correcting the finish.
  • Soft and fine wool material, not damage the paint surface.
  • Can be used in pneumatic or electric rotary polisher.Polish your car paint surfaces without risk of scratching. Adhesive Velcro backed support for easy removal and re-used.
  • Perfect for doing your final finishing polishing and waxing,glass, ceramics, wood furniture, worktops and stainless steel.

Silverline 105888 Spiral-Stitched Cotton Buffing Wheel 150 mm

  • Spiral-stitched construction with 40 layers of cotton
  • For pre-polishing, cutting and flattening
  • Each wheel best used with single compound type
  • Can be stacked onto tapered spindles to achieve required thickness
  • 16 mm/ 5/8″ bore for use with all 150 mm bench grinders and polishers

NIUPIKA Steel Wire Wheel Brush Polishing Abrasive Cup Brushes Grinder Rotary Tools 2.35mm 20Pcs

  • Material:stainless steel. Do not run in excess of 15,000 RPM; Warm Tips: If you work with high speed (over 15000 RPM) Tools, We suggest that wearing goggles to finish the work.
  • Shank Diameter: 2.35mm; Wheel Brush Diameter: around 23mm
  • They will fit your hand drill, drill press
  • Ideal for cleaning flat surfaces and removing burrs, rust, dust, removing the oxide layer
  • For different angles of wood, metal materials,polishing and grinding all kinds of rough surface etc

Silverline 633782 Double-Stitched Buffing Wheel 150 mm

  • Double-stitched construction with 40 layers of cotton
  • For cutting, pre-polishing and polishing
  • Each wheel best used with single compound type
  • Can be stacked onto tapered spindles to achieve required thickness
  • 16 mm / 5/8″ bore for use with all 150 mm bench grinders and polishers

Car Polishing Pads for Drill,Heatigo 14 PCS Buffing Pad Polishing Wheel Mop Kits with 2 PCS Rouge Compound, Cone/Column/Mushroom/T-Shaped Wheel Grinding Head, for Metal Aluminum

  • ★Polishing Wheel:Specially designed for polishing recessed aread such as mag wheels, motorcycle wheels manifolds.The various shapes and diameters made it possible to reach 99% of the nooks, great for wheels, fenders, bumpers and other hard to reach spots.
  • ★Good Working And High Quality:Mop wheels made out of good quality lint, of multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center, soft and delicate, Fabric layers edge had raising treatment that great for shine your faded wheels and manifolds,without scratches when buffing and would not damage your furniture surface or car paint.
  • ★Complete And Professional Polishing Kit:Different shapes,cone,column,Round table, mushroom and wheel, removes surface oxidation, rust,tar and dirt of all kinds, 11 different shapes and sizes of polishing wheel to help you polish different items, they fit onto any size drill and can polish recessed and unreachable areas of your rims easily,makes the buffing process much easier.
  • ★Top Quality Drill Attachment:Equipped with standard drill adapter for connect the electric drill, polishing wheels shanks are round continued with hex shape so they will not slip off when in use, fits for most drills and used for pneumatic or electric polishing machine.
  • ★Wide Range Of Applications:These Rouge Compounds are color coded for easy identification in a scale from coarse to fine. It can emit black cold light after polishing, and the brightness reaches the mirror level. It contains high anti-rust and oil components and prolongs the anti-rust life of the product.Use for metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass,scratches in epoxy and watches grinding and polishing.

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