grinding wheel for hard chrome

OBA Wood Grinding Wheel Angle Grinder Disc Carving Disc Shaping Polishing Grinding Wheel for Angle Grinder, Arbor 16 mm

  • ★Universal Applicability: Angle grinder disc diameter is 100 mm and arbor is 16 mm so this size can fit all the angle grinder in the market. Please install the angle grinder guard when using;
  • ★Unique Design:Depend on the special thorn design,this grinding wheel is powerful and more efficient than other grinding wheels.This wheel can be used for wooden materials,grinding,carving and any other DIY wood works.This is an ideal tool for professional and non-professional personnel.
  • ★Application:This wood shaping wheel can be used to remove old non-metallic surfaces or paint such as tables and benches in the house.You can also renovate the wooden floors in the house.Used to polish the lost paint fence in the yard.Shape the tree stumps to remove materials, artistically sculpt them, and create a beautiful arc effect;Grinder wood wheel can also repair and level the boards and reduce the thickness of the boards.
  • ★High Premium Material: OBA carving dics is made by premium Carbon steel。The product appears black: the surface of the product is chrome-plated, which can increase the heat resistance and wear resistance of the product. which has the higher hardness and longer life;This carving disc ensures safe work because it creates reasonable radial resistance value at high rotation speed rates 13200 RPM.
  • ★How to extend service life: a. Please make sure. There are no metal materials such as nails on the material. When the product rotation speed is 13000, the nail on the wooden board will seriously damage the teeth of the product; b. Use a very small pressure and gently control the angle grinder to produce the effect you want. c.Avoid continuous working of angle grinder discs in high temperature.d. Please put it in your toolbox to avoid moisture and Keep dry.

Car Polishing Pads for Drill,Heatigo 14 PCS Buffing Pad Polishing Wheel Mop Kits with 2 PCS Rouge Compound, Cone/Column/Mushroom/T-Shaped Wheel Grinding Head, for Metal Aluminum

  • ★Polishing Wheel:Specially designed for polishing recessed aread such as mag wheels, motorcycle wheels manifolds.The various shapes and diameters made it possible to reach 99% of the nooks, great for wheels, fenders, bumpers and other hard to reach spots.
  • ★Good Working And High Quality:Mop wheels made out of good quality lint, of multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center, soft and delicate, Fabric layers edge had raising treatment that great for shine your faded wheels and manifolds,without scratches when buffing and would not damage your furniture surface or car paint.
  • ★Complete And Professional Polishing Kit:Different shapes,cone,column,Round table, mushroom and wheel, removes surface oxidation, rust,tar and dirt of all kinds, 11 different shapes and sizes of polishing wheel to help you polish different items, they fit onto any size drill and can polish recessed and unreachable areas of your rims easily,makes the buffing process much easier.
  • ★Top Quality Drill Attachment:Equipped with standard drill adapter for connect the electric drill, polishing wheels shanks are round continued with hex shape so they will not slip off when in use, fits for most drills and used for pneumatic or electric polishing machine.
  • ★Wide Range Of Applications:These Rouge Compounds are color coded for easy identification in a scale from coarse to fine. It can emit black cold light after polishing, and the brightness reaches the mirror level. It contains high anti-rust and oil components and prolongs the anti-rust life of the product.Use for metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass,scratches in epoxy and watches grinding and polishing.

129PCS Wool Felt Polishing Pads Buffing Grinding Wheel Rotary Tool Set with Shape Shanks & Shark & Replacement Wheels (130mm 250mm) for Drill Plastic Glass Metal Jewelry

  • WIDELY USAGES: Make polished goods clean and bright. These felt polishing pad clean wheels point mandrels are suitable for pneumatic and electric rotary grinders. Best used for various molds, electronics, glass, medical equipment, carving, gold and silver jewelry, metal, non-metallic surface grooves, plastics, tapered concavities and other small parts.
  • MULTI REPLACEMENTS: Wool polishing wheel set includes 129pcs, 50x bigger round shape(D:2.5cm), 50x small rounds shape(D:1.3cm),4x shark, 15x tree shape with shank, 10x round shape with shank, easy to replace and reusable.
  • DURABLE & REUSABLE: Made of high quality wool and metal. These felt buffing pads, wheels, point & mandrel kits are exquisite with high toughness and excellent polishing capability, make polished goods clean and bright.
  • EASY TO USE: The felt pad wheel is easy to be used for rotary tool accessories,felt-tipped,the rotary grinding and polishing tool.
  • AFTER SALE SERVICE: Your satisfaction is always our pursuit. If there is any problem with our wool polishing wheel set, welcome to contact us. Promising refund or replace within 180 days.

Bosch 2608600218 Metal Grinding Disc with Depressed Centre

  • As a leading manufacturer for power tools accessories, Bosch offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications
  • It is our aim to develop appropriate accessories for more efficient working
  • The research and development departments at Bosch work to develop and optimize accessories in line with the needs of users
  • 2608600218

Gunpla 115mm x 22,2mm 4.5 inch Diamond Grinding Disc Double Row Abrasive Cup Wheel Segment Grinder for Concrete Granite Stone Masonry Marble Plastering Removal

  • These concrete grinding discs are made from high quality and durable diamond coating. They are professional and amateur tools produced to give flawless working results.
  • Our abrasive diamond cup wheel have dome flange shapes, Suitable for polished leveling of concrete flooring or material such as marble, granite etc. When adding some water, you get better effects during grinding.
  • With air holes, they are purposely designed to favor and maintain a cool and stable cutting pattern and reduce wear and tear.
  • The brazed double row segments are perfect for both fast and smooth grinding with the 5mm segment height. They can be used in a wet or dry state, great to use in different situations.
  • Gunpla heavy duty diamond grinding disc can be used for concrete, stone, plaster, paint and mortar coating removal. Also suitable for marble, tile, rock and concrete grinding.

Dremel SC541 EZ Speedclic Grinding Wheels Accessory Set, 2 Reinforced Grinding Wheels for Grinding and Sharpening Metals

  • These Dremel accessories (SC541) are reinforced grinding wheels specially designed for grinding, sharpening and deburring on various metal materials
  • Fiberglass reinforced for better performance and higher durability
  • Materials: This cylindrical grinding bit can be used on metals such as brass, soft metals, sheet metal and gold
  • Working diameter 38.0 mm; Shank diameter 3.2 mm; Recommended maximum speed 35,000 RPM
  • Included: 2x grinding wheel for use with rotary tool

Silverline 263215 Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser 40 x 10 mm Head

  • Heavy duty diamond-coated head
  • Dresses across the width of grinding wheels to give a flatter surface
  • Restores and prolongs the life of grinding wheels
  • Improves balance of grinding wheel for safer working
  • Knurled handle provides excellent grip

Tiamu 20Pcs 1/4 Inch Shank Cylindrical Red Corundum Grinding Heads Abrasive Mounted Stone Grinding Wheel Head Rotary Tools

  • Wide adaptability: it can an excellent role especially for steel and other metals. Low noise and few dust during grinding, and will not rust and fall out like the steel brush
  • Used for various kinds of electric grinder, grinding machine to remove burr, surface grinding, time-saving
  • It is a good assistant for grinding and polishing of metal and non-metal materials
  • High hardness and toughness, durabale: The hardness of chrome corundum is similar to that of white corundum, and its toughness is higher, sharper and more durable

YSTCAN 129pcs Wool Felt Polishing Buffing Wheel Pad Felt Polishing Pad Set Grinding Head Buffing Wheel for Dremel Accessories Rotary Drill Tool Jewelry Glass Stone Metal Ceramic

  • wool felt polishing pad set: with 129 compressed wool rotating tool accessories. There are five shapes in total, 50pcs for large disc, 50pcs for small disc, 15pcs for tree handle, 10pcs for round handle, 4pcs for toothed handle.
  • Polishing and cleaning: The buffing wheel for wood is specially designed for polishing and cleaning. It is ideal for jewelry and similar works. They can touch and polish hard-to-reach areas and leave a shiny surface effect on the object.
  • Convenient and practical: These high-quality buffing wheel kit are soft, smooth and delicate. Easy to use, can be used for Dremel rotary tool accessories, felt tips, rotary grinding and polishing tools.
  • High quality:Buffing wheel for drill wool can be used in conjunction with polishing agent, it is easy to enter narrow areas. Durable and reusable, with high toughness and excellent polishing ability, use until they become too small to be used.
  • Wide range of applications: Wool buffing wheel is best used for various molds, electronic products, glass, medical equipment, gold and silver jewelry, metal, brass and non-metallic surfaces and other small parts.

150mm Round Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Grit Grinder Disc Cutter Tool 150 Grinder Disc, for Carbide Metal Saw Tooth Processing, Grinding

  • ☆Made of high quality material, wear resistance, long service time. Weight: 313g/11oz
  • ☆Designed to grind carbide and hard steel, stone, metal and other processing and polishing.
  • ☆High grinding efficiency, smooth, unbroken edges, will not produce tremor. Bore diameter: 32mm/1.3inch
  • ☆Mainly used in alloy knife, saw blade, saw tooth processing and grinding. Outer diameter: 150mm/5.9inch
  • ☆Can processing tungsten steel, quenching processing steel, special hard brittle materials grinding.

Upgraded 75mm Wood Carving Disc Angle Grinder Tungsten Carbide Grinding Wheel Abrasive Disc Shaping Polishing Grinding Wheel Plate Cutter Tool for Woodworking Craft DIY

  • ① What you get: The package include 1PCS 75mm right-angle grinder wheel disc. The internal diameter is 1.5cm and outer diameter is 7.5cm. Please confirm your diameter, and put down the old disc and screw the new wood carving disc on the angle grinder, then it will be workable.
  • ② High-quality material: Our product is made of tungsten carbide, consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth that quickly remove residue and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.It is durable and practical, not easy to break or deform.
  • ③ Convenient usage : You can easily install the grinding disc on the standard electric angular grinder, then use it without tedious operation process, suitable for rapid removal and shaping, also fit for convex and concave areas, bringing a lot of convenience to your work.
  • ④ Widely usage: The grinding discs is suitable for non-metallic and non-hard materials, and they are mainly applied for wood trimming, root carving, tea plate, peeling, chamfering, trimming and deburring, polishing, manual DIY.
  • ⑤ Note: Wear protective gears while operating an angle grinder with the disc. Watch out for kick back, cut on the side of the wheel that pulls the grinder away from you. Please keep the product out of the range of kids!

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