flap disc non woven polishing wheels 100x10mm

ATOPLEE 5pcs 25/30/40/50/60mm Coarse Fleece Interleaf Flap Sanding Wheels Pad for Rotary Tools

  • 5pcs 25/30/40/50/60mm Coarse Fleece Interleaf Flap Sanding Wheels Pad
  • Material: scouring pad
  • Produced for removing rust, dirt, oxide in metal welding, paint painting, concrete construction, etc
  • Suitable for polishing&deburring on the surface of ferrous and non ferrous metal.
  • Widely applied in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturing, chemical machinery, food machinery, metal processing, abrasive production and manufacturing, shipbuilding, and other fields.

WORKPRO Flap Discs 115mm 80 Grit, Abrasive Sanding Discs Flap Wheel, Grinding Wheels Discs for Angle Grinder, 10-Pack

  • 【Specifications】It includes 10 x 80K grinding wheels. Outer diameter: 115 mm, Bore diameter: 22.23 mm, Grain size: 80, Weight: 950 g.
  • 【Good Quality】These sanding discs are made of high quality zirconia corundum glass paper. The maximum rotation speed can reach 13300 rpm, helping you further increase work efficiency.
  • 【High Efficiency】Compared to ordinary disc, they have a high grinding capacity, low noise, friction and heat resistance (reticular glass core), ensuring high grinding performance.
  • 【Standard Fan Washers】They are designed with a highly secure fiberglass backing plate which can absorb vibrations during use.
  • 【Wide Applications】This set fits all common angle grinders, suitable for stainless steel, metal and wood. They are ideal for welds, deburring, rust removal and cast brushing. It is also suitable for removing coarse rust, paint, varnish, tarnish, scale, smoothing of coarse wood.

CHEERBRIGHT 1PC 100mm Wool Fabric Disc Polishing Buffing Wheels Pads

  • 100mm Outer diameter Wool Buffing Wheels
  • Made of high quality wool, with good polishing effect and good wear resistance
  • If used it with polishing paste & polishing wax will be better
  • This product is widely used in fine polishing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal and glass, furniture, ceramics, marble and other non-metallic

COSPOF 4-1/2 Inch Flap Sanding Discs 120 Grit,10 Pack Ceramic Grinding Wheels,4.5" x 7/8" Flap Disc for Angle Grinder Used For Metal Grinding and Blending,Type 29.

  • ★Designed and produced with high industrial standard, safe and efficient.
  • ★Germany made ceramic abrasive cloth.Two times of service life than normal model.Features high cutting power and nice heat dissipation.
  • ★Fiberglass backing material features extra strength and high Tear-resistance.
  • ★T29 flap disc features angled flaps, Which Can be used for edge-working or contoured applications.
  • ★Suitable for forged metals,stainless steel, carbon steel.Particularly recommended for applications on titanium,covers a wide range of applications from weld grinding and leveling to surface prep.

120x100mm Non-Woven Abrasive Flap Wire Drawing Wheel, Wire Polishing Drawing Polishing Wheel for Polishing, Cleaning descale welds (180 Grits)

  • Fine material: Made of high-quality non-woven material coated with abrasive, it has strong chipping power and is not easy to wear.
  • Various specifications: We have ten kinds of wire drawing wheels with different grit to choose, which can be polished to produce special rough grain, fine silk grain, matte text, mirror treatment and other effects.
  • High-quality materials: Non-woven abrasive drawing wheels are able to smooth tarnishing, burnishing and polishing stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Drawing wheels can also be used for smoothing wood surfaces.
  • Wide range of application: Non-woven abrasive drawing wheels are widely used large machine surface, lampblack machine, disinfection cabinet, elevator, kitchenware, stainless steel frame, handrail, metal appliances and others.
  • Good heat dissipation: Non-woven abrasive drawing wheels are make up with the three-dimensional structure, the gap is elastic, so that the workpiece surface will not be black and discolored due to overheating or leave residual substances.

DUTANG 14 Pcs Flap Wheel 1/4" Sanding Flap Wheels Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander Cylindrical and Cone Shape Sanding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc for Drill Rotary Tool Polishing Grinding Deburring

  • High-quality material: Flap wheels set is made of high-quality sandpaper and metal, with good wear resistance and durability, strong grinding ability, excellent polishing ability and tensile strength, and improving polishing and grinding efficiency.
  • Wide applications: Sanding wheel suitable for cleaning, grinding, polishing, rust removal and deburring of metal and non-metal, stainless steel, hardware accessories, aluminum, wood and other materials.
  • Easy to use: Flap wheel sander compatible with most electric drills, bench drills, and hand tools, fast polishing, deburring, sanding, trimming, grinding rough surfaces or sides, easy to use, and high job sales.
  • Different shapes: Flap wheel for drill mitsubishi emery cloth, two different shapes: cylinder and cone, which can satisfy your multi-faceted grinding of complex metals, including curved and uneven surfaces.
  • Multiple sizes: You will receive 12 x cylindrical heads, with 6 different sizes: 25 x 25mm, 25 x 30mm, 25 x 40mm, 25 x 50mm, 25 x 80mm, 2 x cone head flap wheeld, size: 16mm, handle diameter: 6mm, abrasive flap wheel multiple sizes Can provide you with options for different jobs.

40#/80#120# Interleaf Abrasive Flap Wheels Non-Woven Buffing Flap with 5" Wheel Wire Drawing Polishing Burnishing Wheel for Polishing,80#

  • **With high quality
  • **Grit: 40# 80#120# ; Aperture: 20mm
  • **With good working efficiency, durable, wear-resistant
  • **suitable for flat and contoured surfaces polishing
  • **Flapwheels effectively use as finishing sander after heavier surface sanding

BOKIE 50Pcs Cone Shape Abrasive Flap Sanding Wheel Grinding Head Rotary Tool for Grinding and Polishing on Surface (3X10mm)

  • Supporting used with straight grinder, hand drill, pneumatic tool, electric drill, pneumatic drill, bench drill, etc.
  • Suitable for deep hole polishing and finishing on the surface of wood, plastic, metal and non-metallic complex surface.

Yuhtech 30 Pcs 80 Grit Sanding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc 32mm x 10mm for Rotary Tool,Shank Diameter 3.17mm

  • 【Material】Carbide abrasive sanding paper + Metal. Size: 32 X 10 X 3.17mm(Diameter X Height X Shank Diameter). Wheel can remove paint and sand, grind, level, and strip surfaces and makes quick work of it.
  • 【Widely Applicable】Easier and more convenient to polish and grind on metallurgy, wood stone.
  • 【Scope of application】Especially for trimming, grinding, polishing those uneven surface and side surface.
  • 【Compatible with】Fit for power rotary tools. Cooperate with rotary tool to remove burrs, polish, grind those rough surface on metal or other material.
  • 【Package includes】30pcs x 80 Grit Flap Wheel Sanding Discs. Wheel can remove paint and sand, grind, level, and strip surfaces and makes quick work of it.

10Pcs 60-Grit Sanding Flap Disc, 100 * 6 * 16MM Grinding Polishing Wheel Abrasive Discs for Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Sheet Metal

  • ღ The grinding wheel is made of high-grade industrial grade hard alumina material. It is a good material for making grinding wheels, so that the grinding wheel of grinder has a durable material. It is more durable than the standard flap wheel, designed for a strong and more economical wheel.
  • ღ Coarse grinding discs have excellent rust removal, deburring, weld grinding, mixing and finishing properties, and are suitable for contours and flat surfaces.
  • ღ It is more suitable for metals, alloy steel and non-alloy steel, composite materials, plastics and wood. Please do not use it for concrete or stone grinding.
  • ღ Designed specifically for 100 mm angle grinders. It has high elasticity, good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation and low noise.
  • ღ Various grinding effects such as rough grinding, semi-finishing grinding, fine grinding, grooving and cutting. A good choice for homes, studios, architectural DIY enthusiasts, etc.

ATOPLEE 5pcs 25/30/40/50/60mm Coarse Fleece Interleaf Flap Sanding Wheels Pad for Rotary Tools

  • Material: scouring pad
  • Produced for removing rust, dirt, oxide in metal welding, paint painting, concrete construction, etc
  • Suitable for polishing&deburring on the surface of ferrous and non ferrous metal.
  • Widely applied in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturing, chemical machinery, food machinery, metal processing, abrasive production and manufacturing, shipbuilding, and other fields.

Polishing Wheel,Heatigo 6Pcs White Buffing Wheel Pad Mop Kit Conical/Column/Mushroom/Wheel Shaped Polishing Tool for Metal Aluminum,Stainless Steel,Chrome,Jewelry,Wood,Plastic,Ceramic,Glass,etc

  • ★Polishing Wheel:Specially designed for polishing recessed aread such as mag wheels, motorcycle wheels manifolds.The various shapes and diameters made it possible to reach 99% of the nooks, great for wheels, fenders, bumpers and other hard to reach spots.
  • ★Good Working And High Quality:Mop wheels made out of good quality lint, of multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center, soft and delicate, Fabric layers edge had raising treatment that great for shine your faded wheels and manifolds,without scratches when buffing and would not damage your furniture surface or car paint.
  • ★Complete And Professional Polishing Kit:Different shapes,cone, semicircle,column,Round table, mushroom and wheel, removes surface oxidation, rust,tar and dirt of all kinds, seven different shapes and sizes of polishing wheel to help you polish different items, they fit onto any size drill and can polish recessed and unreachable areas of your rims easily,makes the buffing process much easier.
  • ★Top Quality Drill Adaptor:Equipped with standard drill adapter for connect the electric drill, polishing wheels shanks are round continued with hex shape so they will not slip off when in use, fits for most drills and used for pneumatic or electric polishing machine.
  • ★Wide Range Of Applications:Used for all kinds of coat paints waxing, detail polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness, for metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass and watches grinding and polishing.

Professional Flap Grinding Discs │ Blue │ 10 Pieces │ Ø 115 mm │ Grain 60 │ INOX │ Fan Discs │ Sanding Sheets

  • ☑️ 10 professional flap discs – THE optimal attachment for your angle grinder
  • ☑️ Features: High quality, stainless steel, size: Ø 115 mm, grain 60
  • ☑️ The robust, particularly high-quality abrasive blades are ideal for grinding and perfect polishing of metal, stone, wood and many other materials
  • ☑️ With a diameter of only 115 our flap discs are excellent for working smaller surfaces and for polishing small details suitable
  • ☑️More flap discs in various grain sizes, sizes and quality standards can be found in our online shop

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