electrostatic adhesion abrasive disc

Silverline 262181 Cylinder Sanding Mop 75 mm 240 Grit

  • For sanding and cleaning wood and metal
  • 6 mm arbor
  • Compatible with most power drills
  • Max 8000rpm

uxcell 3 Inch Wet Dry Sanding Discs 60 Grit Hook and Loop Sandpaper Electrostatic Sand Planting Silicon Carbide 10pcs

  • 【60 GRIT & 3 INCH DISC】The hook and loop sanding discs dia is 3 inch,60 grit
  • 【DRY & WET USE】Wet or dry sandpaper disc can be used with water, varnish, shellac, lacquer, or oil, suitable for both wet and dry sanding
  • 【SILICON CARBIDE ABRASIVE】Sanding disc is made of silicon carbide, mounted on flexible and waterproof paper, for good sanding effect and long service life. Electrostatic sanding for excellent grinding performance
  • 【HOOK and LOOP BACKING】Hook and loop sandpaper backing makes grit changes quick and easy, and lengthens the life of the abrasive
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATIONS】Round flocking sandpaper sander pads ,used with random orbital sander, is used for polishing furniture, wood, metal, drywall and automobile car

KAHEIGN 100Pcs Sanding Discs, 125mm Hook and Loop 8-Hole Sand Pads, 40/60 /80/100 /120/180 /240/320 /400/800 Grits Sandpaper for 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander – ASD1B

  • [High quality] Sanding discs pads made of high-quality alumina abrasive, with special heat treatment, has excellent polishing, sharpness and wear resistance, durable and antistatic
  • [Multiple grits] 10 Different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine, 10Pcs x 40 /60 /80 /100 /120 /180 /240 /320 /400 /800 grit hook and loop sanding discs, the grits grade are printed on the sandpaper back for easy to identification
  • [Even sand] Inlcuded resin bond system offers a smooth finish and a superior grain support, fine and scratch-free cut, perfect for processing large and curved surfaces
  • [Easy to use] Hook and Loop design, easy and quick to stick, strong and long lasting, not fall off when installed in use, easy to install and remove, pre-punched with 8 Holes for efficient dust extraction
  • [Applicable] 125mm Diameter great for all 5 inch sanding machines, suitable for used in the grinding and polishing of metal and non-metal, wood, rubber, leather, plastic, stone, glass and other materials

Silverline 583244 Rotary Polycarbide Abrasive Disc 100 mm

  • Silicon carbide-coated nylon mesh and alloy arbor
  • For rust and paint removal, descaling, deburring and preparation of welding seams
  • For metal and stone working, cleaning, surface preparation and fabrication tasks
  • For use with power drills
  • 20 mm shank

Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish – Coarse, 4-1⁄2" (114.3mm) Dia. X 7⁄8" (22.2mm) Bore – Woodworking Angle Grinder Attachment for DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita. Abrasive Tungsten Carbide, DW412X90

  • Shape, contour, relieve, notch, flatten, trim, hollow, adjust
  • Tungsten Carbide Teeth – For incredible durability
  • Hybrid Performance – Rapid material removal and surface quality.
  • Comfortable, Effortless Operation
  • Should only be used on non-metallic materials.

Mirka Abranet Ace Discs 150mm – P180 (50)

  • Abranet Ace Sanding Discs are developed with a dust-free concept and are manufactured with PA net / PES net backing, ceramic grain, and resin over resin bonding for optimal performance
  • Thanks to the optimized net construction and ceramic grains, these discs offer superior cut and performance for hardwoods and fast cutting on various solid surface materials as well as for cleaning of different industrial rollers
  • These tough and durable discs are developed to achieve outstanding results on challenging surface conditioning and repair applications and also work excellent on primer sanding applications
  • With headquarters and production located in Finland and 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, North and South America as well as Asia, Mirka is a globally expanding company exporting and selling products to over 100 countries
  • Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a broad range of groundbreaking sanding solutions for the surface finishing and precision industry while providing ergonomic and functional benefits to all its users

Sanding Discs Hook and Loop 10 x 40/80/180 Mixed Grit, 8 Hole 125mm 30 Pcs Round Sandpaper Pads Set for Random Orbital Sander

  • WIDE APPLICATION : It is suitable for grinding and polishing furniture, wood products, metals, automobiles, etc. They handle a variety of abrasives, in particular, grinding, deburring, polishing and derusting.
  • ASSORTED GRITS SANDING DISCS : Coarse, medium and fine, 3 different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine, 10Pcs of 40/80/180 hook and loop sanding pad,total 30 pcs, offer you more choices when in need. 125mm Diameter 8 holes Mixed Grit, great for all 5 inch sanding machines.
  • STURDY & WEAR RESISTANT : These sanding discs pads made of alumina abrasive. It has good wear resistance, antistatic and anti clogging property.
  • UNIVERSAL SUITABLE : The 125mm diameter disc sandpaper pad is suitable for Makita,Bosch,Tacklife,Dewalt,Ryobi,Vonhaus and so on various types of Random Orbit Sander
  • EASY TO USE : Durable magic sticker back, hook and loop backing for quick fitting, and pre-punched with 8 holes for dust extraction, anti clogging property.

80pcs 125mm Sanding Discs, Hook and Loop 10 x 40/60/80/120/180/240/320/400 Mixed Grit, 8 Hole 5 Inch Round Sanding Discs Pads for Random Orbital Sander by Taspire

  • Multiple Grits Sanding Discs —– 80pcs per box, 8 different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine, 10×40/60/80/120/180/240/320/400 hook and loop Sanding Discs, to provide you with more choices when needed. 125mm Diameter 8 holes Mixed Grit, great for all 5 inch sanding machines.
  • High Quality —– High-quality alumina sanding discs pads, made of alumina abrasive, with special heat treatment, has excellent polishing, sharpness and wear resistance. Durable and antistatic, good choice for sanding and polishing. 8 holes is designed for efficient dust extraction.
  • Easy to Use —– Hook and Loop Velcro, easy and quick to stick, strong and long lasting, not fall off when installed in use, easy to install and remove.
  • Widely Used —– Mainly used in wood, plastic, stone, glass and other materials grinding, polishing and so on, metal and non-metal materials of various complex profiles for rust removal, paint stripping, deburring, soldering point grinding.
  • Even Sand —– Resin bond system offers a smooth finish and a superior grain support. Fine and scratch-free cut; for processing large and curved surfaces.

Bosch Professional Pack of 10 Abrasive Discs C470 (for Hardwood, Paint on wood, 100 x 150 mm, Grit 40, Accessories Multi Sander)

  • C470 Best for Wood and Paint has an exceptional material removal rate
  • Calcium stearate coating reduces clogging for the benefit of removal rate
  • The electrostatic open-coated surface ensures even, controlled, consistent dust removal
  • Fastest Sanding of Paint and Wood
  • Maximum abrasion with Bosch Surface Structure
  • Grain alignment during production ensures aggressive cut
  • Just stick it on with hook and loop

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