electric polishing tool abrasive sanding disc red color

ATOPLEE 5pcs 4'' 98mm Wool Polishing Buffing Wheel Pad for Angle Grinder Rotary Tool Abrasive Grinding

  • {High-quality material} Made of high-quality whitewool.The wool is fine and pure white, not easy to shed, and wear-resistant. The polishing effect and service life are much higher than ordinary wool wheels.
  • {Size}Diameter :3.86” (98mm);Bore Diameter :16mm(for electric grinders and pneumatic grinders);Thickness:8mm.
  • {Widely Usage}Widely used for fine polishing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, ceramics, wood, marble and other workpieces. When working, use it with a polishing paste suitable for the workpiece, and the polishing effect will be more significant.
  • {Note}Applicable machine: Model 100 angle grinder, polishing machine.The installation hole diameter must be the same as the hole diameter of the wool wheel. You need to wear protective glasses and protective gloves while working.
  • {Package Included}5pcs wool wheel.

WORKPRO Flap Discs 125 mm, 40/60/80/120 Grit, Abrasive Sanding Discs Flap Wheel, Grinding Wheels Discs for Angle Grinder, 10-Pack

  • 【Specifications】10PCS Flap Grinding Discs: 4 x 40Grit, 3 x 60Grit, 2 x 80Grit, 1 x 120 Grit. Outer diameter: 125mm, Bore diameter: 22.2mm.
  • 【High Quality Discs】These grinding wheels are made of high quality zirconium corundum glass paper, ensure high grinding performance, low noise, friction and heat resistance. The maximum rotation speed can reach 12300rpm, maximum linear speed 80M/S, helping you increase work efficiency.
  • 【Fiberglass Material】As the material of the flap discs, fiberglass is strong, rigid and lightweight. Its rigidity and vibration absorbing properties help the operator maintain greater control, which reduces the requirement for rework.
  • 【Standard Fan Washers】These grinding wheels with a particularly safe fiberglass backing plate that absorbs vibrations during use. This not only provides the operator with a great comfort experience, but also greatly reduces noise. Low friction and heat resistance ensure high abrasive performance.
  • 【Wide Applications】This set fits all common 125mm angle grinders, suitable for stainless steel, metal and wood. They are the ideal choice for welds, deburring, rust removal and cast brushing.

63 PCS 2 Inch Sanding Discs Set, Deburring Polish and Rust Remove Grinding Discs Set with 1/4 Inch Shank for Pneumatic Electric Tools

  • 63 PCS 2 Inch Sanding Discs Set, Deburring Polish, and Rust Remove grinding Discs Set with 1/4 Inch Holder 6mm 6.3mm shank for Pneumatic Electric tools Aluminium Zirconium Non-woven Wool sanding discs Sandpaper Discs
  • PERFECT PERFORMANCE: You can complete the work efficiently, because the excellent hardness particles of our sanding discs can provide strong and fast cutting force, bringing perfect deburring polish and rust remove performance.
  • GREAT DURABILITY:Our sanding discs are durable and can be used for a long time because they are made of high-quality alumina material, which is highly wear-resistant.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our sanding discs are easy to use, with just four steps: 1. Put the shank into the holder hole. 2. Align the torque spiral. 3. Rotate the torque disc. 4. Connect to tools
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Total 25Pcs Aluminium Oxide discs Quick Change Disc (5Pcs P60, 5Pcs P80, 5Pcs P120, 5Pcs P180, 5Pcs P240); Total 15Pcs Zirconium Oxide discs Quick Change Disc ( 5Pcs P60, 5Pcs P80, 5Pcs P120); Total 15Pcs Nylon SiC sanding discs (5Pcs coarse, 5Pcs medium, 5Pcs fine); 2 Pcs Black Strip discs; 2 Pcs Compressed Wool discs; 1 Pcs 1/4 Inch Holder; 2 Pcs 6mm shank; 1 Pcs 6.3mm shank.

125mm Sanding Discs(15 x 40/60/100/150/240/320/600 Mixed Grits), 105PCS Hook and Loop Sanding Pads, 8-Holes Sander Pads for Random Orbital Sander

  • 【105 Sandpaper Discs Set】7 different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine, 15 x P40/P60/P100/P150/P240/P320/P600 125mm Diameter hook and loop Sanding Discs, to provide you with more choices when needed tosatisfy almost all your polishing requirements.
  • 【High Quality】Made of high-quality alumina and high-strength resin to make sandpaper more durable,and the anti-static effect is better
  • 【Wide Application】Disc sandpaper is suitable for grinding, polishing and derusting of metal,non-metal,wood,rubber,leather,plastic,stone,glass and other materials,very practical
  • 【Universal Suitable】The 125mm diameter disc sandpaper pad is suitable for Makita,Bosch,Tacklife,Dewalt,Ryobi,Vonhaus and so on various types of Random Orbit Sander
  • 【Easy to Use】Sanding Discs Pads have durable back,hook and loop backing for quick fitting,with 8 holes for dust extraction,anti-clogging, strong and long lasting,easy to install and remove

DUTANG 14 Pcs Flap Wheel 1/4" Sanding Flap Wheels Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander Cylindrical and Cone Shape Sanding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc for Drill Rotary Tool Polishing Grinding Deburring

  • High-quality material: Flap wheels set is made of high-quality sandpaper and metal, with good wear resistance and durability, strong grinding ability, excellent polishing ability and tensile strength, and improving polishing and grinding efficiency.
  • Wide applications: Sanding wheel suitable for cleaning, grinding, polishing, rust removal and deburring of metal and non-metal, stainless steel, hardware accessories, aluminum, wood and other materials.
  • Easy to use: Flap wheel sander compatible with most electric drills, bench drills, and hand tools, fast polishing, deburring, sanding, trimming, grinding rough surfaces or sides, easy to use, and high job sales.
  • Different shapes: Flap wheel for drill mitsubishi emery cloth, two different shapes: cylinder and cone, which can satisfy your multi-faceted grinding of complex metals, including curved and uneven surfaces.
  • Multiple sizes: You will receive 12 x cylindrical heads, with 6 different sizes: 25 x 25mm, 25 x 30mm, 25 x 40mm, 25 x 50mm, 25 x 80mm, 2 x cone head flap wheeld, size: 16mm, handle diameter: 6mm, abrasive flap wheel multiple sizes Can provide you with options for different jobs.

Finger Sanding Sheets Sand Disc Kit, Oscillating Saw Sanding Kit Triangle Sanding Pad, Close Finger Sand Disc Polishing Finger Sandpaper Set

  • Compatible Model: Compatible with many swing tools on the market, such as for Fein Multimaster, for Ryobi, for Milwaukee, for Hitachi, for Chicago, for Craftsman, for Dewalt, etc.
  • Not Compatible: Not applicable for Dremel MM40, MM45, for Dremel Multi Max 6300, for Bosch MX30.
  • Can be used to working with power tool, pneumatic tool, grinding machine and so on. 5 Sets with different grades for cleaning and polishing, (60/80/120/180/240 Grits)
  • Polishing frame size(L x W):about 80x35mm, Sandpaper size(L x W):about 50x35mm
  • Very effective for general polishing; the 5 grades can meet almost all your polishing requirements, Apply in finishing and feathering on flat and curved surfaces

Maveek 50 Pieces 8 Holes Sanding Discs 40 Grit 5 inch Hook and Loop Sandpaper Assortment for Random Orbital Sander

  • 50 pieces 40 grit
  • Material: durable aluminum oxide grain,hook and loop backed
  • 8-Holes Velcro Backing Pad, Hook and Loop Pad: 5 inch/ 125 mm
  • Pre-punched with 8 holes for dust extraction, easy to use
  • Used for grinding and polishing of machine tools, such as car, hull, machine tools, etc.

Wood Grinding Wheel,Angle Grinding Wheel Wood Sanding Tool, Shaping Disc, Sanding Carving Rotary Tool Abrasive Disc Abrasive for Angle Grinder Shaping Polishing (red)

  • The 16mm aperture angle grinder barbed disc is suitable for rapid removal and forming, especially the convex and concave areas to provide rapid material removal, saving you time and effort. Suitable for bending carbon steel tapping operation, wear-resistant and extend product life
  • Practicability With the use of angle grinders for all-round considerations, for ease of use, with angle grinders to grind wood, safe and convenient [new with safety experience] sharp and durable sharp and durable, instead of hand-made wooden Keng saves time and effort greatly improves operating efficiency
  • Carbon steel C45 for high temperature quenching, non-slipping, unchanging shape, durability, and down wood block [Sturdy and durable polished wood]
  • The tungsten carbide coating consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth that can quickly remove wood chips and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • Woodworking angle grinder barbed disk is durable, convenient, fast and efficient, the knife body is strong, high wear resistance, higher efficiency and higher quality assurance, The correct operation method is as follows: press forward and backward or left and right to move, press the motor handle forcefully to move (do not always fix it in the same position). Hope it will help you

Sanding Discs Hook and Loop 10 x 40/80/180 Mixed Grit, 8 Hole 125mm 30 Pcs Round Sandpaper Pads Set for Random Orbital Sander

  • WIDE APPLICATION : It is suitable for grinding and polishing furniture, wood products, metals, automobiles, etc. They handle a variety of abrasives, in particular, grinding, deburring, polishing and derusting.
  • ASSORTED GRITS SANDING DISCS : Coarse, medium and fine, 3 different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine, 10Pcs of 40/80/180 hook and loop sanding pad,total 30 pcs, offer you more choices when in need. 125mm Diameter 8 holes Mixed Grit, great for all 5 inch sanding machines.
  • STURDY & WEAR RESISTANT : These sanding discs pads made of alumina abrasive. It has good wear resistance, antistatic and anti clogging property.
  • UNIVERSAL SUITABLE : The 125mm diameter disc sandpaper pad is suitable for Makita,Bosch,Tacklife,Dewalt,Ryobi,Vonhaus and so on various types of Random Orbit Sander
  • EASY TO USE : Durable magic sticker back, hook and loop backing for quick fitting, and pre-punched with 8 holes for dust extraction, anti clogging property.

40 Pieces Mouse Detail Sander Paper, Sanding Sheets Hook and Loop Assorted 60/80/120/240 Grits 5 Holes Detail Sandpaper Black and Decker Detail Palm Sander Pads

  • 【40 PCS】Including 40 pcs 4 different grades mouse detail sandpaper: 60, 80 ,120, 240 grits, 10 of each type. Almost all polishing requirements are met.
  • 【E PAPER BACKING】Sandpaper with thick E paper backing, which not easily damaged when polished; High-strength resin bonding system increases the sandpaper service life.
  • 【GOOD POLISHING EFFECT】EASYCOB sandpapers are made from aluminium oxide abrasive, durable and anti-static, good choice for sanding and polishing.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY and DURABLE】Durable Velcro back, hook and loop backing for quick fitting, and pre-punched with 5 holes for dust extraction, easy to use. Suitable for using with 14cm detail sanders.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Mouse sanding sheets is suitable for grinding and polishing metal, non-metallic, wood, rubber, leather, plastics, stone, glass and other materials. Very practical and you can order according to your needs.

100 Pieces Discs Sanding Pad, Grinding Abrasive Sanding Disc, Round Grinding Abrasive Pad, Sandpaper Sanding Discs, for Drill Grinder Rotary Tool, Hook and Loop Sand Paper Assortment Pack, 75 mm

  • Superior Material: Discs sanding pad are made from high quality flocking sandpaper, durable and anti static. Can be used with a polishing compound. Terrific for general polishing and has the ability to work with semi rough finishes to refine them to a smooth luster.
  • Ten Grade Grit: Round sandpaper come with 100 pieces sanding disc pads in 10 grits, 10 pieces for each grit: 80/100/ 180/ 240/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1200/2000/3000; wide grits coverage, from coarse to fine, will meet your most polishing requirements with good sanding effect.
  • Wet And Dry Using: Sandpaper sanding pad can be used for both wet and dry applications, which can be used for polishing and polishing applications of handicrafts, woodworking, painted surfaces, glass fibers, automobiles, metals, jewelry, automobiles, mirrors, and plastics.
  • Easy to Use: Grit sandpaper discs have flocked backing, not fall off when installed in use. Hook and loop backing for quick fitting, strong and long lasting, easy to install and remove. Can be used with a polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.
  • Wide Application: Widely used in the grinding, polishing and derusting of metal and non metallic materials of various complex surface rust. Used for sanding wood, walls, stone, metal and other hard and rough materials. Round sandpaper pad can meet almost all your requirements.

Bulnqyk 225mm Sanding Disc P80 Grit 6 Holes Hook and Loop Discs,10 Pcs Round Sandpaper Pads for Drywall Sander,Long Neck Sander

  • 225 mm Large Sanding Disc, Suitable For Precise Sanding Discs For Long Neck Sanders, Drywall Sanders And Sanding Giraffes.
  • Pre-Punched 6 Holes For Dust Extraction,Greatly Improve Polishing Lasting.
  • Hook And Loop Design,Easy To Install And Remove Offering Fast And Durable Sanding Save On Work Time.
  • Made Of Aluminum Oxide Abrasive With Special Heat Treatment Have Excellent Resistance To Polishing, Sharpness And Wear.Durable And Anti-Static, Great Choice For Sanding And Polishing.
  • The Red Sanding Disc Is Compatible With Drywall Sanders, Wall And Ceiling Sanders.Can Be Used Sanding Drywall,Plaster Wall,Wallpaper Residue,Exterior Wall,Interior Wall,Painting On Popcorn.

WORKPRO 150pcs Sanding Discs, 125mm/5-inch Sandpaper Set, Hook and Loop, 8 Holes, 60/80/100/120/150/180/240/320/400/600 Grits Assorted for Random Orbital Sander

  • 【150-PIECE MULTI-GRIT SANDPAPAER SET】Our sanding discs set provides you with the multi-grit sandpaper you need. You will get 150 total orbital sander pads of 10 different grades including 60 grit, 80 grit, 100 grit,120 grit, 150 grit,180 grit,240 grit,320 grit,400 grit,600grit.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION】Our sanding pads are made from high quality aluminum oxide abrasive, which is durable and anti-clogging.The aluminum oxide grain delivers a fast cut and a smooth finish on your project
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】Our 5 inch(125mm) sanding discs fit universal orbital sander.
  • 【PREMIUM BACK WITH 8 HOLES】Back of napping makes grit removal and replacement quick and lengthens the life of each disc, 8 holes is designed for efficient dust extraction
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Your new brand sanding discs is ideal for grinding and finishing on metal and non-metal, wood, rubber, leather, plastic, stone, glass and other materials

SIQUK 300 Pcs Sanding Discs 50mm with 1 Pc 1/4 Inch Shank Backing Pad and 1 Pc Soft Foam Buffering Pad 80 180 240 320 400 600 800 1000 2000 3000 Grit

  • Practial sanding discs set – come with 300 pieces sanding disc pads in 10 grits, 30 pieces for each grit: 80/ 180/ 240/ 320/ 400 /600 /800 /1000 /2000 /3000; 1pc 1/4″ shank backing pad and 1pc soft foam buffering pad, large quantity to meet your different polishing need
  • Superior material – made from aluminium oxide abrasive, durable and anti-static, useful for corner cleaning and polishing, such as polished metal, wood, jade and so on
  • Soft foam buffering pad – the sanding discs kit includes 1pc soft foam buffering pad, pecfect for reducing shake while using, please ensure that the soft foam buffering pad have connected with the sanding discs and the backing pad tightly before using
  • Hook and loop backed – the diameter of the hook and loop sanding pad back is 50mm, suitable for most kinds of rotary tools, such as die grinders, air grinders, electric drills, etc
  • Warm note: these sanding disc pads match with 50mm backing pad, not suitable for adhesive sticker sanding pad, please clean the dust and replace the old sanding pad before use them

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