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Vitrex 102380/102390 Replacement Wheel for Tile Cutters

  • Manufactured from tungsten carbide
  • Replacement wheel for tile cutter
  • Designed to be easy to use
  • 102380/102390

Vitrex VIT103417 110mm Diamond Glass Blade

  • Replacement diamond blade
  • Durable
  • For use in tile cutters
  • Cuts glass tiles
  • For wet cutting only

Dremel 690 EZ SpeedClic Cutting Wheels Set – Accessory Kit with 10 Rotary Tool Cutting Discs and Mandrel

  • Dremel cutting accessory set (SC690) contains an assortment of 10 EZ SpeedClic cutting wheels and 1 mandrel in a convenient storage case
  • 10 rotary tool cutt-off wheels for cutting in a variety of material such as metal, steel, brick, marble, copper, aluminium, brass, plastic and more
  • The Dremel SpeedClic system allows for quick, easy and keyless changing of accessories
  • In reusable case to provide a convenient storage solution
  • Included: 10x EZ SpeedClic Cutting Wheels (6x Metal Cutting Wheel, 2x Thin Metal Cutting Wheel, 2x Plastic Cutting Wheel), 1x EZ SpeedClic Mandrel

Dremel EZ SpeedClic SC456B Metal Cutting Wheel 12-pack, 12 Cutting Wheels with 38mm Cutting Diameter for Rotary Tools

  • Dremel accessories (SC456B) cutting wheel are designed for cutting into hardened steel
  • The cutting discs are ideal to use on metal, brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, silver, gold, aerated concrete, hard steel, brick, sheet metal, soft metal
  • The Dremel SpeedClic system allows for quick, easy and keyless changing of accessories
  • Cutting depth 14 mm, disc diameter 38 mm, shank diameter 3.2 mm
  • Included: 12x metal cutting wheel

WellCut 10-Piece Set Metal Cut Off Wheels Extreme 115mm x 1.2mm x 22mm Stainless Steel Cutting Disc in Metal Case for Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & Milwaukee Angle Grinders

  • PERFORMANCE: Good cutting performance with good tool life
  • PPE: Use Protective clothing & equipment
  • SUITABLE WITH: Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & MilwaukeeSUITABLE WITH: Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & Milwaukee
  • CUTTING ABILITY: Very fast cutting
  • CAUTION: Dry Use only

Dremel SC544 SpeedClic Wood Cutting Wheel, Carbide Cutting Disc for Rotary Multi Tool for Cuts in Wood, Laminates, Chipboard, Plywood, Fibreboard, 38 mm

  • Dremel EZ SpeedClic wood cutting disc with carbide coating for extra durability of the cutting wheel
  • The EZ SpeedClic system allows for quick, easy and tool free accessory changes
  • Cutting blade diameter: 38 mm
  • Cutting blade working depth: 14 mm
  • For use with hardwood, softwood, laminates, veneered wood, chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, sandwich material

Silverline 282636 Lubricated Alloy Body Glass Cutter 175 mm / 2-8 mm

  • Tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Durable alloy body with internal oil reservoir
  • Knurled-brass finger grip
  • Spring-loaded block controls flow of lubricant
  • Includes filling pipette

Makita D-18770-10 Thin Cutting Wheel in Can 125, Multi-Colour

  • Cut-off- and grinding-wheels
  • Power source type: hand powered
  • Quality Makita accessories that compliment power tools and garden tools
  • Model number: D-18770-10

HemBorta® 6-Wheel Glass Cutter, Professional Glass Cutting Tool with Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheels for 2-6mm Cuts on Glasses, Mirror & Stained Glass, Fitted Wooden Handle

  • 2-6MM CUTTING RANGE: Easily cut various glass types ranging from 2mm to 6mm thick with this versatile glass cutter, ideal for use with float glass found in window panes and greenhouses, it is also perfect for craft materials including mirror and stained glass.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEELS: Made from hard-wearing tungsten-carbide, each of the 6 cutting wheels provides a great level of durability. To help you achieve a cleaner score line each time, simply rotate the cutter head to a new wheel.
  • SNAP-OFF VICES: Equipped with 2 integral snap-off vice notches, these are ideal for breaking out smaller pieces of glass after they have been scored by the glass cutter.
  • COMPACT AND COMFORTABLE: Measuring approximately 130mm in length (just over 5 inches), the glass cutter combines a chrome-plated cutter head that is fused to a lightweight wooden handle – the result is a compact tool that allows for a comfortable grip while cutting glass.
  • ACHIEVE CLEANER CUTS: For the best results use with glass cutting oil as this will help to lubricate the cutting wheel and give you smooth passes and precise breaks while extending the glass cutters working life.

Bryson 06917 Template Profiler, Top Wheel, 25.4 mm x 12.7 mm Cutting Diameter, n46/95 x 1/4" Shank

  • 12.7mm diameter x 25.4mm cutting depth bearing guided profiling cutter, perfect for templating and trimming work in timber, laminate and wood based materials
  • Ideal for trimming veneers and laminates and also for forming curved rebates and grooves with templates for increased diversity
  • Shank mounted bearing allows good vision of the template for easy and accurate following when hand held routing
  • Ultra durable trend carbide ensures optimum performance and lifespan in timber and abrasive wood based materials
  • 1/4in shank for easy control in smaller routers with ‘K” mark shank to ensure safe working practices

2Piece Tungsten-Carbide Tile Cutter Replacement Cutting Wheel 7/8-Inch, Premium Quality Standard (5000m Ceramic Tiles Cutting Capacity), Titanium Coated, Tile Cutting Wheel 22mm 2-Pack

  • Replaces 7/8-Inch (22mm) cutting wheels with 1/4-Inch(6mm) shaft
  • Titanium coated tungsten carbide scoring edge for long life
  • High density tungsten carbide construction provides strength and durability
  • Two cutting wheel per pack

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