cutting disc manufacturers in south africa

Vitrex VIT103417 110mm Diamond Glass Blade

  • Replacement diamond blade
  • Durable
  • For use in tile cutters
  • Cuts glass tiles
  • For wet cutting only

Bosch 2608600226 230 x 22.2 x 3 mm Metal Cutting Disc

  • Metal cutting disc 230×22.2×3
  • Content: Metal cutting disc 230×22.2×3
  • EAN: 3165140116473
  • 2608600226

Vitrex 102380/102390 Replacement Wheel for Tile Cutters

  • Manufactured from tungsten carbide
  • Replacement wheel for tile cutter
  • Designed to be easy to use
  • 102380/102390

SHDIATOOL Electroplated Diamond Cutting Grinding Disc for Marble Granite 2pk 5 inch/125MM M14 Thread Electroplated Single Side

  • 2pcs 5″/125mm electroplated diamond cutting and grinding discs with single grinding side
  • Diameter 125MM/5″, M14 Flange
  • For cutting or grinding granite & marble stone tile
  • Professional Quality, fast cutting speed suitable for multi application
  • One side coated, lower cost.

WORCRAFT Professional Angle Grinder AG08-115P, 850W Ø115mm 12000 RPM, Come with 2 Cutting Discs, in Carton

  • Ideal for welders, fabricators, Masons, maintenance and more. Fit for cutting metal pipes, stone slabs and ceramic floor tiles, as well as rust and paint removal.
  • 850W powerful motor, 115mm disc, free-load speed: 12000RPM, double insulation, slide type on/OFF switch, Anti-restart function.
  • Comfortable working thanks to the lightweight (1.95 kg) and the small circumference grip(196 mm). Work comfortably even in a small space due to the slim body and flat gear head.
  • Lock on switch, Left-right auxiliary handle, for easily complete any cutting and grinding projects. With protective guard cover for safety protection from different angles during operation.
  • Should your angle grinder damaged within 2 year from purchase, WORCRAFT will happy to replace it with a new one. Accidental breakage, poor care and damage from misuse are not covered.

WellCut 10-Piece Set Metal Cut Off Wheels Extreme 115mm x 1.2mm x 22mm Stainless Steel Cutting Disc in Metal Case for Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & Milwaukee Angle Grinders

  • PERFORMANCE: Good cutting performance with good tool life
  • PPE: Use Protective clothing & equipment
  • SUITABLE WITH: Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & MilwaukeeSUITABLE WITH: Makita, Dewalt, Bosch & Milwaukee
  • CUTTING ABILITY: Very fast cutting
  • CAUTION: Dry Use only

Bosch Professional 1x Expert HardCeramic 76 mm Diamond Cutting Disc (for Hard tiles, Hard stone, Ø 76 mm, Accessories Mini Angle Grinder)

  • Up to 3x more precise than a standard ceramic diamond disc
  • Clean, high quality cutting with Bosch Diamond Technology. Diamond accessories do not expire and can be used for a very long time after your purchase, therefore an expiration date is not necessary. The date displayed on the product is the manufacturing date and necessary for traceability reasons
  • With 10 mm bore for mini grinder
  • Ideal for clean, straight cuts in hard ceramic tiles; cuts wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens; and floor tiles such as those used in patios and gardens, as well as indoors
  • Scope of delivery: Bosch Expert HardCeramic 76 mm Diamond Cutting Disc 76 x 1.5 x 10 mm

Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Disc 115mm/4.5in Super Thin Turbo Disk for Angle Grinder Cutting Porcelain Tiles Granite Marble Ceramics Red

  • Diameter 115 mm Ultra-thin (1mm at cutting edge) Diamond cutting disc with reinforced flange (reinforced mount), mounting 22,23mm suitable for angle grinders all brands, electric tile cutters and accumulator blades Segment for fast cutting and low waste. Professional tool in craftsman quality.
  • Continuous turbo segment gives fast, low chip action
  • Stiffening flange in centre ensures rigidity and straight cuts
  • Available for cutting porcelain,ceramic tile,granite, sandstone quartz ect
  • Universal for dry or wet cutting

Rhodius RDS-XT70-115-1

  • 30% extra cutting perfromanec
  • High cutting speed for use on Rust, Hardox,High tensile steel
  • Long lifetime on thin walled tubes, thin wall profiles, steel sheets, flat iron
  • Cool cut
  • Low development of burr

Bosch 2608600394 Metal Straight Cutting Disc

  • As a leading manufacturer for power tools accessories, Bosch offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications.
  • It is our aim to develop appropriate accessories for more efficient working.

Dewalt DT99561-QZ DT99561-QZ-Hojas para Sierra Circular portátil XR Extreme RUNTIME 165mm x 20mm 42D, Black/Yellow, 165/20mm 42WZ/FZ

  • The brand in which professionals trust

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