china manufacturer gray nylon polishing diamond flap wheel

Serrated washer and polishing set, 11 pieces, diameter 125 mm, serrated disc 4 x blue (stainless steel), 4 x brown (standard), 1 x coarse cleaning disc, 2 x polishing disc (felt/nylon).

  • ☑️ Serrated discs (8 pieces), polishing discs (2 pieces), coarse cleaning disc (1 piece), the high-quality attachment for your angle grinder
  • ☑️ Features of these serrated washers: stainless steel and standard, size: 125 mm, mix pack (2 x grain 40/60/80/120)
  • ☑️ Features of these polishing pads: nylon and felt, size: 125 mm
  • ☑️ Features of this coarse cleaning disc: ideal for paint and rust, size: 125 mm
  • This particularly high-quality set of sanding and polishing discs is ideal for sanding and perfect polishing of many different surfaces thanks to its variety.

ATOPLEE 5pcs 4'' 98mm Wool Polishing Buffing Wheel Pad for Angle Grinder Rotary Tool Abrasive Grinding

  • {High-quality material} Made of high-quality whitewool.The wool is fine and pure white, not easy to shed, and wear-resistant. The polishing effect and service life are much higher than ordinary wool wheels.
  • {Size}Diameter :3.86” (98mm);Bore Diameter :16mm(for electric grinders and pneumatic grinders);Thickness:8mm.
  • {Widely Usage}Widely used for fine polishing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, ceramics, wood, marble and other workpieces. When working, use it with a polishing paste suitable for the workpiece, and the polishing effect will be more significant.
  • {Note}Applicable machine: Model 100 angle grinder, polishing machine.The installation hole diameter must be the same as the hole diameter of the wool wheel. You need to wear protective glasses and protective gloves while working.
  • {Package Included}5pcs wool wheel.

ATOPLEE 5pcs 25/30/40/50/60mm Coarse Fleece Interleaf Flap Sanding Wheels Pad for Rotary Tools

  • 5pcs 25/30/40/50/60mm Coarse Fleece Interleaf Flap Sanding Wheels Pad
  • Material: scouring pad
  • Produced for removing rust, dirt, oxide in metal welding, paint painting, concrete construction, etc
  • Suitable for polishing&deburring on the surface of ferrous and non ferrous metal.
  • Widely applied in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturing, chemical machinery, food machinery, metal processing, abrasive production and manufacturing, shipbuilding, and other fields.

Z-LION 2 Pcs 4" Flap Sanding Disc Diamond Electroplated Grit 60 Sanding Sandpaper Wheel

  • Z-LION Flap Disc is designed for fast material removal applications on all hard,brittle materials without the need for high pressure
  • This flap disc comes with a combination of diamond and silicon carbide flaps on a reinforced plastic backer pad
  • More Safety:The leaves of the flap dics are glued to the base much firmer,because the new design enlarged the glue area
  • More Flexible:The leaves are somewhat soft
  • Diameter: 4inch/100mm,used wet or dry

Fayme 5Pcs Nylon Fiber Flap Wheels Polishing Buffing Wheel Scouring Pad Grinding Disc for Angle Grinder for Metal Polisher

  • The processing effect remains stable and consistent, and the shape of the workpiece will not be damaged by excessive cutting.
  • Used in polishing of metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, metal, plastic, melamine,building materials, automobiles, leather, textile and other industries.
  • Especially suitable for irregular curved surface, good heat dissipation, do not burn the workpiece, can grind out the fine sand grain.
  • The unique structure of effective heat dissipation, to avoid discoloration and deformation due to overheating in the workpiece processing process.
  • Good self-sharpening, continuous loss of fiber in the grinding process, the new grinding ore continuously natural formation, to provide consistent quality of the workpiece.

DUTANG 14 Pcs Flap Wheel 1/4" Sanding Flap Wheels Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander Cylindrical and Cone Shape Sanding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc for Drill Rotary Tool Polishing Grinding Deburring

  • High-quality material: Flap wheels set is made of high-quality sandpaper and metal, with good wear resistance and durability, strong grinding ability, excellent polishing ability and tensile strength, and improving polishing and grinding efficiency.
  • Wide applications: Sanding wheel suitable for cleaning, grinding, polishing, rust removal and deburring of metal and non-metal, stainless steel, hardware accessories, aluminum, wood and other materials.
  • Easy to use: Flap wheel sander compatible with most electric drills, bench drills, and hand tools, fast polishing, deburring, sanding, trimming, grinding rough surfaces or sides, easy to use, and high job sales.
  • Different shapes: Flap wheel for drill mitsubishi emery cloth, two different shapes: cylinder and cone, which can satisfy your multi-faceted grinding of complex metals, including curved and uneven surfaces.
  • Multiple sizes: You will receive 12 x cylindrical heads, with 6 different sizes: 25 x 25mm, 25 x 30mm, 25 x 40mm, 25 x 50mm, 25 x 80mm, 2 x cone head flap wheeld, size: 16mm, handle diameter: 6mm, abrasive flap wheel multiple sizes Can provide you with options for different jobs.

Yantan 5Pcs 4 Inch Nylon Fiber Flap Disc Polishing Grinding Wheel,Scouring Pad Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder

  • Perfect for metal surface processing.Widely used in polishing of metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, metal, plastic, building materials, automobiles and other industries.
  • Especially suitable for irregular curved surface, good heat dissipation, do not burn the workpiece, can grind out the fine sand grain.

CviAn 10pcs Wear-Resistant Angle Grinder Wheels Buffing Pads Wool Buffing Angle Grinder Wheel Felt Polishing Disc Grinding Head Buffing Wheel Polishing Pad Wet Polishing Wheel Set

  • These mats are made of soft elastic wool material, which is safe, environmentally friendly, durable.
  • Made of thick wool and special adhesive, high temperature, soft and durable. It does not scratch the object when doing the polishing work.
  • This kit contains 10 polishing wheel pads of the same specifications. With an outer diameter of 4 (100 mm), an inner diameter of 16 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, it is ideal for 12000 rpm angle grinders.
  • 4 (100mm) wool sanding pad, ideal for 100 angle grinders.
  • Widely used in various surface polishing and cleaning, such as metal polishing, glass and ceramic polishing, marble, automotive and wooden floor polishing.

QWORK Polishing Drum, Nylon Brush Drum for Removing Metal Surface Coatings And Corrosion, Ø120x100x19 mm, 60 Grit

  • Specification: length: 4-3/4 inches (120 mm), height: 4 inches (100 mm), hole diameter: 3/4 inches (19mm), grain size: 60#.
  • Suitable for: for stainless steel mirror surface treatment, wire drawing and polishing.
  • Characteristics: Strong cutting force, clear lines, wear resistance and durability.
  • Widely used: Used in electrical appliances (microwave ovens, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc.), elevators, kitchenware, stainless steel shelves, handrails, food machinery and other industries.
  • 100% Satisfied Service: Enjoy a smooth & frustration free experience with our 100% Satisfied Service in one Month.

50PCS Abrasive Buffing Polishing Wheels Set 1Inch Wheel Brush Buffer Polishing Kit Fit with 1/8''(3mm) Shank Rotary Tools Accessories for Rust Metal Jewelry Wood Stone Craft

  • 5 MIXED GRITS POLISHING KITS – These polishing wheels are 1 inch in diameter with a 1/8″ shank. 10 pcs brown polishing wheel in 120 Grit, 10 pcs green polishing wheel in 180 Grit, 10 pcs red polishing wheel in 320 Grit and 10 pcs black polishing wheel in 400 Grit, as well as 10 pcs wool felt buff wheel 3000 Grit. This buffing wheelset could meet all your polishing needs.
  • MUTI-PURPOSE ABRASIVE BUFFING WHEEL – This polishing kit can apply to polishing jewelry, metal, glass, wood stone, and even leather. These polishing wheels are suitable for metal surface cleaning, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue, removing oxide. You will find these rotary tool accessories useful on many occasions.
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY BUFFING WHEELS – The buffing wheel kit is made of a superior quality scouring pad with good resistance and excellent polishing capabilities. It enables you to achieve smooth, uniform polishing to irregular surfaces with minimal smearing.
  • CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL – EEEKit buffing wheel bits are an efficient polishing tool of metal and non-metallic materials in the small area of rust deburring and surface polishing. high efficiency, low cost and can be used with most types of rotary tools. It can be attached and used with common power tools such as cordless hand drills, rotary tools, electric grinders, micro motor or flexible shaft, and more.
  • WARRANTY: We provide a 2-years warranty so please buy with positive. If you have any concerns or questions about this product, please feel free to contact us.

Flap Discs 115mm, 25 Pack Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 40 60 80 120 240 Grit Zirconia Grinding Wheels Discs for Polishing Welding Joints Aluminum Oxide Abrasives Grinder Discs 115mm-STEBRUAM

  • 🧿25 PACK ASSORTED GRINDING WHEELS DISCS : Flap discs set contains assortment from rough to fine 5 grades 40/60/80/120/240 Grit Each x 5, Best for meeting your diverse needs. Type 29 flap discs are better for smoothing and blending surfaces. Best used at 0-15° angle.
  • 🧿SAVE ON WORK TIME : Lasted longer than conventional discs and takes the material off fast,Lasted well when cleaning welds rust from metal,The sightly angled face design of flap discs enable you to tackle contoured metal surfaces easily. Flap discs 115mm for angle grinder discs 115mm are evenly distributed and concentrically placed around the arbor hole, and tightly tied to a fiberglass backing plate.
  • 🧿UNIVERAL APPLICABILITY SPECIFICATIONS : Diameter 4.5 inch(115MM)Flap discs,Compatible with angle grinder discs with maximum 13,300 RPM grinding speed,Great for polishing up the mild steel and welding joints,Long time polishing metal Inner ring will not wears loose falls off. durable, good abrasion resistance,anti-static and anti-clogging.
  • 🧿PRACTICALITY IS VERY WIDE : Flap sanding discs for grinder, Suitable for most angle grinder 115mm grinding discs, rust, paint, ferrous, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals,wood and plastics; fits for most air and electric grinders,They can be used on any material,Great at grinding disc post welding to clean the metal,polished the welding gap and grinds,wood,plastic.
  • 🧿MPROVES WORK EFFICIENCY : Use Better high quality zirconia corundum than alumina and high temperature calcined fiberglass emery cloth to create the sanding discs,After high temperature calcining,The flapper disc wear resistance and sharpness have been significantly improved,Makes sanding really easy and fast.

10pcs Sanding Polishing Wheel Grinding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc with 6mm Shank 30 x 40 x 6mm for Stainless Steel Fittings/Valves/Concave and Convex Surfaces/Weld Seams, Etc.

  • Made of high quality materials, solid and long service life.
  • High grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation and low noise.
  • Can be assembled on electric/pneumatic tools.
  • Especially in the field of aviation polishing.

10Pcs Grit 60 Grinding Sanding Disc Polishing Wheel Grinding Flap Disc 100 * 6 * 16 mm Brick Red

  • ♥ HIGH QUALITY: Made of high quality materials, wearproof for long service life.
  • ♥ ANGLE GRINDERS: Designed for 100mm angle grinders.
  • ♥ HIGH ELASTIC: With high elasticity, good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation and low noise
  • ♥ VARIOUS USAGE: Various grinding effects such as coarse grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding, grooving and cutting.
  • ♥ WIDE APPLICATION: Good choice for home, workshop, builders DIY enthusiasts and more.

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