aluminium oxide flap disc with fiberglass backing plate

Silverline 196514 Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc 100mm 60 Grit

  • Heavy duty aluminium oxide cloth bonded to fibreglass backing disc
  • Long-life self-renewing design lasts up to 28 times longer than fibre discs
  • For use with hand-held angle grinders
  • Used for grinding, finishing, stock removal and weld dressing
  • Suitable for use on steel, cast iron, alloys and wood

4-1/2-Inch Curve Flap Discs, T TOVIA Radial Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Sanding Grinding Wheels Type 29, 40 Grit, 7/8-Inch Arbor (Pack of 2)

  • Type 29 Conical flap discs are the best choice for aggressive stock removal and may be used on both contoured and edge work with its angled flaps providing greater surface contact
  • Ceramic Alumina allows a continuous supply of the sharpest cutting edges and provides the fastest cut as well as the best utilization of the entire grain for the longest life
  • Fiberglass backing plates help to absorb vibration and are consumed during use with no smearing; Lightweight, durable, and forms a strong bond with adhesives without contaminating the workpiece
  • 40 grit flap disc is coarser in build and is ideal for heavier stock removal; 60 grit provides good stock removal rates and a good surface finish; Specified for use on steel and stainless steel and excel in work on weld seams, chamfering, blending, and deburring.
  • Removes up to five times the material with less workpiece gouging than standard grinding wheels; Easier to control, which leads to better workpiece quality and less changeover

Flap Discs 115mm, 25 Pack Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 40 60 80 120 240 Grit Zirconia Grinding Wheels Discs for Polishing Welding Joints Aluminum Oxide Abrasives Grinder Discs 115mm-STEBRUAM

  • 🧿25 PACK ASSORTED GRINDING WHEELS DISCS : Flap discs set contains assortment from rough to fine 5 grades 40/60/80/120/240 Grit Each x 5, Best for meeting your diverse needs. Type 29 flap discs are better for smoothing and blending surfaces. Best used at 0-15° angle.
  • 🧿SAVE ON WORK TIME : Lasted longer than conventional discs and takes the material off fast,Lasted well when cleaning welds rust from metal,The sightly angled face design of flap discs enable you to tackle contoured metal surfaces easily. Flap discs 115mm for angle grinder discs 115mm are evenly distributed and concentrically placed around the arbor hole, and tightly tied to a fiberglass backing plate.
  • 🧿UNIVERAL APPLICABILITY SPECIFICATIONS : Diameter 4.5 inch(115MM)Flap discs,Compatible with angle grinder discs with maximum 13,300 RPM grinding speed,Great for polishing up the mild steel and welding joints,Long time polishing metal Inner ring will not wears loose falls off. durable, good abrasion resistance,anti-static and anti-clogging.
  • 🧿PRACTICALITY IS VERY WIDE : Flap sanding discs for grinder, Suitable for most angle grinder 115mm grinding discs, rust, paint, ferrous, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals,wood and plastics; fits for most air and electric grinders,They can be used on any material,Great at grinding disc post welding to clean the metal,polished the welding gap and grinds,wood,plastic.
  • 🧿MPROVES WORK EFFICIENCY : Use Better high quality zirconia corundum than alumina and high temperature calcined fiberglass emery cloth to create the sanding discs,After high temperature calcining,The flapper disc wear resistance and sharpness have been significantly improved,Makes sanding really easy and fast.

Makita D-27115 Flap Disc – Aluminium Oxide

  • Aluminium oxide coating
  • Fibre glass, angled backing
  • Suitable for ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, wood
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional bonded abrasive discs
  • No need for abrasive wheel instruction
  • Diameter 125mm
  • Grit A120
  • Pack quantity 1

WORKPRO Flap Discs 125mm 40 Grit, Angle Grinder Discs, Grinding Discs Sanding Discs, Angle Grinder Accessories, 10-Pack

  • 【Specifications】10PC x Flap Grinding Discs. Outer diameter: 125 mm, Bore diameter: 22.2 mm. Grain size: 40
  • 【High Efficiency】These grinder discs are made of high quality zirconia corundum glass paper. The maximum rotation speed can reach 12200 rpm, maximum linear speed 80M/S, helping you further increase work efficiency.
  • 【Fibreglass】As the material of the flap disc, fibreglass is strong, rigid and lightweight. Its rigidity and vibration absorbing properties help the operator maintain greater control. They are often lighter and cooler cutting, which reduces the requirement for rework.
  • 【Standard Fan Washers】Less rigid and has far more flexibility, fewer vibrations are generated when grinding. This not only provides the operator with a great comfort experience, but also greatly reduces noise. Low friction and heat resistance ensure high abrasive performance.
  • 【Wide Applications】This set fits all common angle grinders, suitable for stainless steel, metal and wood. They are the ideal choice for welds, deburring, rust removal and cast brushing.

8 x Mixed Grit Flap Discs 115mm Zirconium Oxide Angle Grinder Sanding Wheels 4½ Inch

  • Zirconium Oxide Flap Wheel Sanding Discs.
  • Zirconium Oxide Flap Wheel Sanding Discs.
  • Pack of 8.
  • 2 x 40 grit, 2 x 60 grit, 2 x 80 grit& 2 x 120 grit.
  • Suitable for all makes of 115mm angle grinders 4.5 inch.
  • High quality disc ensures an exceptional lifespan.

DEKTON DT80636 115 mm Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc 120 Grit

  • 115 mm diameter
  • 22. 2 mm arbour
  • Maximum 13600 rpm
  • Aluminium oxide

Makita D-27034 Flap Disc – Aluminium Oxide

  • Aluminium oxide coating
  • Fibre glass, angled backing
  • Suitable for ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, wood
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional bonded abrasive discs
  • No need for abrasive wheel instruction
  • Diameter 115mm
  • Grit A40
  • Pack quantity 1

10 x Flap Discs 40 Grit Angle Grinder 4.5" (115mm) Flat Sanding Grinding AU025

  • Diameter: 115mm
  • Bore: 22.2mm
  • Max. Speed: 13300 RPM
  • 80m/s
  • Pack of 10

Makita D-27084 Flap Disc – Aluminium Oxide

  • Aluminium oxide coating
  • Fibre glass, angled backing
  • Suitable for ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, wood
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional bonded abrasive discs
  • No need for abrasive wheel instruction
  • Diameter 125mm
  • Grit A40
  • Pack quantity 1

Bosch Flap Disc X551 'Expert for Metal' (Metal, Angled, Ø 125 mm, Grit 80, Accessories Angle Grinder)

  • X551 Expert for Metal for an impressive material removal rate on metal surfaces
  • The highly robust X-cloth with stable backing ensures durability and stability on tough applications
  • Fully synthetic resin bonding on X-cloth for wear resistance in heavy-duty applications
  • A zirconia alumina abrasive and semi-friable aluminium oxide grit blend for brilliant removal and lifetime
  • Scope of Delivery: 1x Bosch Flap Disc X551, Metal, Angled, Ø 125 mm, Grit: 80

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