abrasive grinding wheel for cnc tool grinder

5pcs Poly Strip Wheel 115mm Abrasive Disc Paint Rust Remover Clean Polyacrylamide Grinding Disc for Angle Grinder

  • 【Premium Material】Made of high quality material, the abrasive has good wear resistance and long durability.
  • 【Great Polishing】Great performance in grinding and polishing effect, for use on wood, metal and fiberglass.
  • 【Smooth Surface】No damage to the surface of the object, remove rust, paint, scaling and oxidation effortlessly.
  • 【Widely Suitable】Fit for most of 115mm angel grinders, remover rusting rust metalworking protractor.
  • 【Application and Usage】Widely used for grinding and polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fiber products, wood, stone, concrete, etc.

(AL4-19) CNC Machined Belt Grinder Wheel Set for Knife Grinders 100 mm Drive-19 mm Shaft 75 mm Tracking Wheel 50 mm Idler

  • ➜One 102 mm diameter Drive wheel CNC machined with 19 mm bore and 6 mm Keyway
  • ➜Two x 51 mm diameter Idler Wheels: Each wheel is fitted with three 12 mm bearings
  • ➜One 75 mm diameter Track Wheel: Each wheel is fitted with three 12 mm bearings
  • ➜Manufactured Using State of the Art CNC machines
  • ➜A 70 mm long M12 bolt (can be all or partly threaded) Should be used to fit idler and tracking wheels – No Bolts included-c

OTTYMO 3 PCS Grinding Wheel Dresser 45 * 10mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser Beach Grinder Grinding Wheel Dressing Tool Stone Dresser for Truing Grinding & Grinding Deburring Wheels, Silver

  • [Sturdy & Durable]- These diamond grinding wheel dresser are made of high quanlity steel material with sturdy construction makes it not easy to break or deform, anti-corrosion, heat-proof, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • [ Diamond Coating]- This wheel dresser removes debris and impurities from the wheel, revealing a sharp, clean cutting surface; you can use it to re-polish your wheel, restore the wheel to a new state, and prolongs the life of grinding wheels, making your wheel work smoother and more effective ,real practical grinding tools.
  • [Knurled Anti-slip Handle]- Abrasive wheel dresser with knurled handle makes it easier to grasp and prevent slip, ensuring safe operation. And the handle connect diamond head with screw fixed ,more secure for use .
  • [Easy to use ]- Your just need to raise the end of handle of the wheel dresser upward by 10 degrees try to make contact with the grinding wheel in a large area during use , returns your wheels to peak-performance readiness.
  • [Wide Application]- Suitable for grinding truing deburring wheels ,Ideal for for white steel jade, brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other ceramic and resin bond grinding wheels , you will get 3 pieces silver diamond grinding wheel dresser,enough quantity can meet your long time use.

63 PCS 2 Inch Sanding Discs Set, Deburring Polish and Rust Remove Grinding Discs Set with 1/4 Inch Shank for Pneumatic Electric Tools

  • 63 PCS 2 Inch Sanding Discs Set, Deburring Polish, and Rust Remove grinding Discs Set with 1/4 Inch Holder 6mm 6.3mm shank for Pneumatic Electric tools Aluminium Zirconium Non-woven Wool sanding discs Sandpaper Discs
  • PERFECT PERFORMANCE: You can complete the work efficiently, because the excellent hardness particles of our sanding discs can provide strong and fast cutting force, bringing perfect deburring polish and rust remove performance.
  • GREAT DURABILITY:Our sanding discs are durable and can be used for a long time because they are made of high-quality alumina material, which is highly wear-resistant.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our sanding discs are easy to use, with just four steps: 1. Put the shank into the holder hole. 2. Align the torque spiral. 3. Rotate the torque disc. 4. Connect to tools
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Total 25Pcs Aluminium Oxide discs Quick Change Disc (5Pcs P60, 5Pcs P80, 5Pcs P120, 5Pcs P180, 5Pcs P240); Total 15Pcs Zirconium Oxide discs Quick Change Disc ( 5Pcs P60, 5Pcs P80, 5Pcs P120); Total 15Pcs Nylon SiC sanding discs (5Pcs coarse, 5Pcs medium, 5Pcs fine); 2 Pcs Black Strip discs; 2 Pcs Compressed Wool discs; 1 Pcs 1/4 Inch Holder; 2 Pcs 6mm shank; 1 Pcs 6.3mm shank.

Kresell 5Pcs 125mm Diameter Cleaning Strip Wheel Grinding Abrasive Disc for Angle Grinder Paint Rust Grinder Remover Tools

  • Uniform sanding effect, less dust and less noise.
  • Brand new
  • Facilitates the removal of paint, rust, scale, oxidation and cleaning seams.
  • Max Operating speed: 11, rpm
  • Perfect for faster material removal and irregular surfaces.

BOKIE 3Pcs 22mm Bore Wood Carving Disc Angle Grinder Discs Grinding Wheel Rotary Disc Abrasive Sanding Carving Tool for Angle Grinder

  • Tungsten carbide coating is composed of hundreds of extremely teeth, which can quickly remove inventory and is more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • Suitable for quick removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas.
  • Easy to install on the angle grinder, suitable for all brands of grinders.
  • Easily and quickly remove various materials, saving time and effort.
  • It is only suitable for wood or plastic processing, such as deburring, trimming, polishing, etc. Not suitable for metal materials.

2 Pack Angle Grinder Disc Wood Tungsten Carbide Grinding Wheel Carving Abrasive Disc, Woodworking Cutter Tool for Angle Grinder

  • Tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharps teeth that rapidly remove stock and outlasts hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • Simply screw in for easy installation. Another outstanding advantage of this wheel is that it is easy to attach and remove from power tools. Mounts on any standard electric angle grinder. A few seconds are enough for you to assemble it and remove it again simultaneously!
  • This wood grinding wheel makes your wood shaping easily and quickly, it has durable wear-life that can last for a long time. Please notice that this grinding wheel should be applied for non-metals or non-metal materials, suitable for wood and other materials.
  • Provides fast material removal to save your time and effort to meet your various needs.
  • Note: It can only be used for non-metallic materials suitable for wood and other materials. Suitable for angle grinder, easy to operate.

2 Pack 4 inch/100mm Angle Grinder Disc, Wood Grinding Wheel Tungsten Carbide Sanding Carving Abrasive Tool, Woodworking Cutter Tool for Angle Grinder

  • Tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharps teeth that rapidly remove stock and outlasts hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • 100mm Curve Extreme Shaping Disc Tungsten Carbide Wood Carving Disc Grinder Wheel Abrasive Disc Sanding Rotary Tool for 100 115 Angle Grinder
  • The disc wheel has a 16mm inner diameter for mounting on a standard electric angle grinder.
  • Note: It can only be used for non-metallic materials suitable for wood and other materials. Suitable for angle grinder, easy to operate.
  • Provides fast material removal to save your time and effort to meet your various needs.

Wood Grinding Wheel,Angle Grinding Wheel Wood Sanding Tool, Shaping Disc, Sanding Carving Rotary Tool Abrasive Disc Abrasive for Angle Grinder Shaping Polishing (red)

  • The 16mm aperture angle grinder barbed disc is suitable for rapid removal and forming, especially the convex and concave areas to provide rapid material removal, saving you time and effort. Suitable for bending carbon steel tapping operation, wear-resistant and extend product life
  • Practicability With the use of angle grinders for all-round considerations, for ease of use, with angle grinders to grind wood, safe and convenient [new with safety experience] sharp and durable sharp and durable, instead of hand-made wooden Keng saves time and effort greatly improves operating efficiency
  • Carbon steel C45 for high temperature quenching, non-slipping, unchanging shape, durability, and down wood block [Sturdy and durable polished wood]
  • The tungsten carbide coating consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth that can quickly remove wood chips and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.
  • Woodworking angle grinder barbed disk is durable, convenient, fast and efficient, the knife body is strong, high wear resistance, higher efficiency and higher quality assurance, The correct operation method is as follows: press forward and backward or left and right to move, press the motor handle forcefully to move (do not always fix it in the same position). Hope it will help you

WORKPRO Flap Discs 115mm 80 Grit, Abrasive Sanding Discs Flap Wheel, Grinding Wheels Discs for Angle Grinder, 10-Pack

  • 【Specifications】It includes 10 x 80K grinding wheels. Outer diameter: 115 mm, Bore diameter: 22.23 mm, Grain size: 80, Weight: 950 g.
  • 【Good Quality】These sanding discs are made of high quality zirconia corundum glass paper. The maximum rotation speed can reach 13300 rpm, helping you further increase work efficiency.
  • 【High Efficiency】Compared to ordinary disc, they have a high grinding capacity, low noise, friction and heat resistance (reticular glass core), ensuring high grinding performance.
  • 【Standard Fan Washers】They are designed with a highly secure fiberglass backing plate which can absorb vibrations during use.
  • 【Wide Applications】This set fits all common angle grinders, suitable for stainless steel, metal and wood. They are ideal for welds, deburring, rust removal and cast brushing. It is also suitable for removing coarse rust, paint, varnish, tarnish, scale, smoothing of coarse wood.

OTOTEC 5 Pcs Poly Strip Wheel Paint Rust Removal Clean Quality Angle Grinder Disc 115mm 4.5"

  • Poly discs with fibreglass backing disc fit all angle grinders.
  • Uniform grinding effect, less dust and low noise.
  • Fast removal of paint and undercoating.
  • Make easy work out of rust, scaling, oxidation and cleaning welds.
  • Suitable for coating removal, grinding metals, and processing wood, fiber glass, stone and wood.

Angle Grinder 860W Tilswall 125mm Side Disc Grinder 12000RPM Tool with 3 Cut Off and 2 Grinding Polishing Abrasive Wheels [Energy Class A+++]

  • 【860W Energetic Workhorse】Working like an energetic horse, 860W motor produces no-load speed of 12,000 RPM to increase up to 45% torque for tough grinding & cutting jobs in a more compact size.
  • 【2 Grinding & 3 Cutting Wheels:】Tool+ 3 Cutting Wheels+ 2 Grinding Wheels + 2 Protective Guards+ 1 Wrench: Except for 2 different designed protective guards, Tilswall also goes extra 2 grinding wheels and 3 cutting wheels ( 3mm thicker, ensure a longer life span as consumables). 5/8″-11 spindle thread accepts common 125mm popular attachments.
  • 【Quick-Change System】All-Metal Gearbox! By the innovation of Quick-Change wheel system, the tool-free quick-positioning guard is made for fast changing over from cutting to grinding. 2 PROTECTIVE GUARDS FOR TILSWALL: 1guard for cutting & 1 for grinding included for safety protection from different angle during operation.
  • 【Better Control & Safety Design】Lock Switch During Operation for longer projects without experiencing fatigue. Two-position side handle is barrel-style with an additional front grip to reduce vibration in operation for better control. The innovative vent design helps keep away dust and debris to improve its excellent performance
  • 【Durability& Compact】Power Never Die For Corded. Made for high impact Polyamide plus glass fiber reinforced housing, it weighs 1.5kg which is very easy to maneuver for any project. ideal for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers and other professionals. PS: If you have any quality problems within 28 months, pls feel free to contact us at anytime.

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