7 180×6.0x22.2mm stainless steel abrasive grinding wheel

5pcs Poly Strip Wheel 115mm Abrasive Disc Paint Rust Remover Clean Polyacrylamide Grinding Disc for Angle Grinder

  • 【Premium Material】Made of high quality material, the abrasive has good wear resistance and long durability.
  • 【Great Polishing】Great performance in grinding and polishing effect, for use on wood, metal and fiberglass.
  • 【Smooth Surface】No damage to the surface of the object, remove rust, paint, scaling and oxidation effortlessly.
  • 【Widely Suitable】Fit for most of 115mm angel grinders, remover rusting rust metalworking protractor.
  • 【Application and Usage】Widely used for grinding and polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fiber products, wood, stone, concrete, etc.

Silverline 447131 Metal Cutting Discs Flat 10pk 115 x 3 x 22.23 mm

  • Resin-bonded glass fibre reinforced aluminium oxide
  • Ideal for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Suitable for all metal-cutting applications
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders
  • Manufactured to EN12413 and MPA approved / max 13,300rpm

Bosch Professional 2608601520, 5 Expert for Inox Cutting Discs (for Stainless Steel, 76 x 10 x 1 mm, Accessories for Angle Grinders), Gray

  • Bosch Professional Expert for Inox cutting disc (A 60 R Inox BF)
  • Compatible with angle grinders with 10 mm socket, e.g. GWS 12V-76
  • Suitable for stainless steel/Inox and steel applications
  • Maximum circumferential speed up to 80 m/s
  • Disc diameter: 76 mm, bore diameter: 10.00 mm, disc thickness: 1.0 mm

EZARC Flap Disc 115mm 80 Grit Zirconia Grinding Wheel, Abrasive Discs Type 29 for Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Sheet Metal, 10 Pack

  • EZARC uses only the highest-grade abrasive grits zirconia to produce its flap disc, which supplies optimum balance of longest lifetime and fastest speed.
  • 80 grit flap disc with optimum consistent grit spacing suitable for coarse to fine grinding work with excellent work results on stainless steel, alloy steel and mineral fiber boards.
  • EZARC professional flap disc technology: high-quality backing material, constant distribution of bonded gent and zirconia abrasive grit guaranteed stable performance under extreme conditions of high humidity and high temperature.
  • Bevel Type 29 angle design make the edge and corner grinding much more convenient, great for surface sanding and working on welded seams at a working angle of 5 to 15°
  • 115mm diameter with a 22.23mm arbor size compatible with angle grinder with maximum 13, 300 RPM grinding speed.

Silverline 224514 Metal Grinding Discs Depressed Centre 10pk 115 x 6 x 22.23 mm

  • Resin-bonded glass fibre reinforced aluminium oxide
  • Ideal for grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Suitable for metal-grinding applications (not aluminium or brass)
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders
  • Manufactured to EN12413 and MPA approved/ max 13,300rpm

Silverline 836851 Green Silicon Carbide Bench Grinding Wheel 150 x 20 mm Medium

  • Heavy duty 46 grit silicon carbide
  • For sharpening tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) tools
  • Suitable for use on ferrous metals and alloys
  • 31.75 mm bore with 12.7 mm, 15.88 mm, 19.05 mm and 25.4 mm reducing bushes
  • For use with all 150 mm bench grinders

TYROLIT FASTCUT 2-in-1 Rough Grinding Discs for Stainless Steel – 115mm x 6.0 x 22.23 (Pack of 10)

  • VALUE PACK: Each set of grinding wheels contains 10 discs. Each disc has a 22.23mm inside diameter and measures 115mm x 6.0mm. These grinding wheels are made for steel and stainless steel.
  • FOR SURFACE AND EDGE GRINDING: Achieve a fast, efficient cut with this high-quality rotary cutter for angle grinders. Due to its soft design, the TYROLIT FASTCUT 2-in-1 is optimised to achieve high stock removal rates in the shortest possible time.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Compatible with all 115mm or 4.5″ angle grinders with 22mm or 7/8″ arbor from all brands for your kit.
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Offers a long lifetime. Perfect for heavy-duty application including removing welding seams, deburring, rounding of edges and flattening surfaces.
  • VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS: Each innovative metal grinding wheel features a core made from natural fibres, which can even be trimmed and precisely adapted to the application.

Makita Grinding disc 150 mm Soft, 196684-1

  • Match the BO6040model.
  • An original Makita accessory.

Silverline 656592 Diamond Grinding Wheel 100 x 22.23 mm Double Row

  • Sintered wheel with 7 mm segment height for concrete, masonry and stone
  • Double row offers finer finishing
  • Max 15,000rpm
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders including Silverline and GMC

Silverline 868588 Turbo Wave Diamond Blade 115 x 22.23 mm Castellated Continuous Rim

  • 7 mm segment height for smooth cutting of ceramic and natural stone tiles
  • Wave form body aids dust removal – ideal for deep cuts in concrete
  • Max 13,200rpm
  • Manufactured and certified to EN13236
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders including Silverline and GMC

Bosch 2608600315 Metal Grinding Disc, 180mm x 6mm x 22.23mm, Blue

  • Product :180mm x 6mm x 22.23mm
  • Color: Blue
  • With Depressed
  • Part Number:2608600315

Silverline 275794 Heavy Duty Stone Grinding Disc Depressed 115 x 6 x 22.23mm

  • Premium quality
  • Fast, accurate cutting
  • MPA approved
  • Suitable for all angle grinders

Wolfcraft 1622300 125 x 2.5 x 22.23mm Cutting Discs for Metal with Depressed Centre

  • for angle grinders
  • high cutting performance, long lifetime
  • according to EN 12413
  • bore: ø 22.2 mm
  • cutting rate: max. 80 m/sec

MP125-2B Concrete Grinding Wheel 5 Inch Double Row Diamond Cup Grinding Grinder Wheels Disc for Concrete Masonry Stone Granite Grinding (MP125-2B)

  • 1.DESIGNED FOR CONCRETE MASONRY ROCK – Bardland 5″ Double Row diamond cup grinding wheel designed for grinding Concrete masonry, rock. Works great on Concrete Masonry rock stone surfaces
  • 2.EFFICIENT, SAVES LABOR COST – Diamond Concrete Grinder Wheel with larger grinding diamond segments exposes more surface to diamond segments for faster cutting. Professional grade diamond for extra grinding per rotation. Very effective, efficient and time saver for surface grinding of concrete masonry surface or floor,
  • 3.DURABLE, A GREAT VALUE TOOL – Heat treated body for strong body, better quality diamond matrix for longer life. Concrete grinding wheel 4 performs faster and lasts longer on surface preparation of concrete masonry rocks
  • 4.EFFECTIVE ON VARIETY OF SURFACES – Concrete masonry grinding wheel that works equally good on stone rocks surface preparation
  • 5.WHEEL FOR POLISHER & GRINDERS – Cup wheel with female thread, connects seamlessly to polishers and grinders

50pcs Sharpening Grinding Wheel Polishing Grinding Head Rotary Tool with 4mm Abrasive Stone Points

  • One set includes 50pcs grinding stones which are used for polishing and grinding, grinding head diameter is about 4mm
  • Made of strong and harden alloy, they are hard, durable, can bear longtime wear and tear
  • The even distribution of granularity makes the polishing work just a breeze, abrasive grains won’t come off easily so that the service life is long.
  • Widely applications, mainly used for polishing or modelling on the surface of the plastic, metal and wood, or other situations.
  • Precision ground abrasive stone for quick, easy sharpening of chain saw blades

DEWALT DWA8926 Extended Performance Ceramic Metal Grinding 7-Inch x 1/4-Inch x 7/8-Inch Ceramic Abrasive

  • Premium ceramic grain
  • Fast material removal and long life
  • Metal and Stainless Steel grinding

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