4“ inch 1.2mm green double net phenolic fast iron cut disc

TIMCO PACKER Packers-28mm 100 x 28 Assorted Flatpackers, Multi-Colour, 1mm to 6mm, Set of 200 Pieces

  • Designed to help with fitting windows, doors, frames and other units around the home.
  • Resistant to weather changes and waterproof. Strong and durable.
  • Excellent for levelling and bracing.
  • Bag of 200 packers, shims, spacers.

Proops 5 x 300mm Wall Plug, Cut to Length, Self Centring Screw Expanding Stick, 7mm, Black. (S7277) Free UK Postage

  • Here we have another great product from Proops Brothers Ltd. Supplied by our our Parent company Linic Products Ltd, makers of other plastic fixing plugs and plastic products, all of which are made here in the UK.
  • Wall Plug for fixing in concrete and solid brick. Expands the total surface and length of the wall plug.
  • Easy to cut to length to get the correct size you need. Length: 300mm/12″ Screw Diameter: 7mm.
  • Also available in quantities of 10 and 20 .
  • We have all other colours listed in our shop. Proops Brothers Ltd have been serving this industry for over 80 years. We have a Freepost no quibbles returns.

Finnsworth Type B Round End Shims 100-Pieces Pack, 2 mm Thickness, Green

  • TYPE B SHIMS – Our Type B plastic frame packers make even the trickiest installations and DIY projects a breeze. With a rounded shape, these shims will ensure your window and door fittings are exactly how you want them to be
  • LEVEL OFF – Perfect for easy levelling of doors and window frames, the surface of our shims guarantees no slippage and the inner handles ensure secure fastening. Wherever you place these packers, you can rest assured that they won’t budge an inch
  • COLOUR CODED TO SIZE – For easy identification, the thickness of each shim is distinguished by colour, which is now commonly used as a benchmark by other manufacturers and suppliers. They are tapered to assist stacking and include retainers for easy installation
  • EASY TO USE – Gone are the days of cutting up wood to custom proportions – reduce your frustration with our ready-made plastic shims. They hold fastenings more securely, are waterproof and can be used with regular nails, screws and other fixings
  • MANUFACTURED TO STANDARD – We are committed to delivering quality products for quality construction. Tried and tested by professionals, our shims are 100% manufactured in the UK and stand out from the rest. Certified quality ISO 9037

Merriway® BH01004 Single Wheel Castors, Socket Fix, 30 mm (1.1/4 inch) – Pack of 4

  • Pack of 4 x 30 mm Single Wheel Castors
  • Socket fix single wheel castors
  • Easily move or position heavy furniture
  • Protects flooring from drags and scuffs
  • Manufacturer: Bulk Hardware Limited

Hi-Seas Plastic Spring Wire Loop Protectors

  • Protects From Friction and Abrasion
  • Use with Monofilament or Fluorocarbon
  • Extends Life of Leaders
  • Won’t Corrode in Saltwater
  • Great for Monofilament or Fluorocarbon Leader

Merriway® BH01002 Single Wheel Castors, Plate Fix, 30 mm (1.1/4 inch) – Pack of 4

  • Pack of 4 x 30 mm Single Wheel Castors
  • Plate fix single wheel castors
  • Easily move or position heavy furniture
  • Protects flooring from drags and scuffs
  • Manufacturer: Bulk Hardware Limited

KetoPlastics 4 x Black Plastic Paving Driveway Grid Turf Grass Lawn Path Gravel Protector Drainage Mat (1 Square Meter)

  • Quantity: 4pc, Made In UK, Heavy Duty Plastic, (COMES WITH 81 CELLS EACH CELL MEASURING 55MMX55MM)
  • Demension per Grid: 500mm (W) x 500mm (L) x 40mm (H)
  • 4 Grids Make Up 1 Square Meter (10.76 Square Feet)
  • The cell structure will retain the gravel and prevent loss or gravel displacements.
  • They are easy to install and connect to each other interlocking into a strong paving grid.

Lee Precision 90195 Double Disk Kit, Multicoloured, One Size

  • Suitable for the press dispenser
  • Includes four discs
  • Cardboard box

CargoLoc 42462 4 Pc. 12' x 1,500 lbs-S-Hooks, Plastic Tray, 500 lbs Working Load Limit, 4 Pk-12 Ft (Green)

  • 1 inch x 12 foot tie-down straps are ideal for a wide variety of uses.
  • Ratcheting tie-downs provide maximum load tensioning with minimum effort
  • Coated S-hooks resist scratching and rust, and have 1 inch opening.
  • 500 lbs working load limit and 1,500 lbs break strength.
  • Ratchet Tie-Downs are the best solution for your everyday medium duty load security.

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