10 inch grinding wheel nigeria

OTTYMO 3 PCS Grinding Wheel Dresser 45 * 10mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser Beach Grinder Grinding Wheel Dressing Tool Stone Dresser for Truing Grinding & Grinding Deburring Wheels, Silver

  • [Sturdy & Durable]- These diamond grinding wheel dresser are made of high quanlity steel material with sturdy construction makes it not easy to break or deform, anti-corrosion, heat-proof, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • [ Diamond Coating]- This wheel dresser removes debris and impurities from the wheel, revealing a sharp, clean cutting surface; you can use it to re-polish your wheel, restore the wheel to a new state, and prolongs the life of grinding wheels, making your wheel work smoother and more effective ,real practical grinding tools.
  • [Knurled Anti-slip Handle]- Abrasive wheel dresser with knurled handle makes it easier to grasp and prevent slip, ensuring safe operation. And the handle connect diamond head with screw fixed ,more secure for use .
  • [Easy to use ]- Your just need to raise the end of handle of the wheel dresser upward by 10 degrees try to make contact with the grinding wheel in a large area during use , returns your wheels to peak-performance readiness.
  • [Wide Application]- Suitable for grinding truing deburring wheels ,Ideal for for white steel jade, brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other ceramic and resin bond grinding wheels , you will get 3 pieces silver diamond grinding wheel dresser,enough quantity can meet your long time use.

Silverline 819719 Aluminium Oxide Bench Grinding Wheel 150 x 20 mm Fine

  • Heavy duty 60 grit aluminium oxide
  • For general grinding and tool sharpening
  • Suitable for use on ferrous metals and alloys
  • 25.4 mm (1″) bore with 12.7 mm (1/2″), 15.88 mm (5/8″) and 19.05 mm (3/4″) reducing bushes
  • For use with all 150 mm bench grinders

Pack of 2 Replacement grinding wheels for Bench Grinders 150mm – fine and coarse

  • 2 Grinding Wheels – 150mm Diameter
  • 36 (Coarse) & 60 (Fine) Grit Grinding Wheel
  • Arbor: 1/2″/13mm
  • For Use With 6″/150mm Bench Grinders

MP125-2B Concrete Grinding Wheel 5 Inch Double Row Diamond Cup Grinding Grinder Wheels Disc for Concrete Masonry Stone Granite Grinding (MP125-2B)

  • 1.DESIGNED FOR CONCRETE MASONRY ROCK – Bardland 5″ Double Row diamond cup grinding wheel designed for grinding Concrete masonry, rock. Works great on Concrete Masonry rock stone surfaces
  • 2.EFFICIENT, SAVES LABOR COST – Diamond Concrete Grinder Wheel with larger grinding diamond segments exposes more surface to diamond segments for faster cutting. Professional grade diamond for extra grinding per rotation. Very effective, efficient and time saver for surface grinding of concrete masonry surface or floor,
  • 3.DURABLE, A GREAT VALUE TOOL – Heat treated body for strong body, better quality diamond matrix for longer life. Concrete grinding wheel 4 performs faster and lasts longer on surface preparation of concrete masonry rocks
  • 4.EFFECTIVE ON VARIETY OF SURFACES – Concrete masonry grinding wheel that works equally good on stone rocks surface preparation
  • 5.WHEEL FOR POLISHER & GRINDERS – Cup wheel with female thread, connects seamlessly to polishers and grinders

Faithfull FAIGW20025WG Bench Grinding Wheel White Alox 200mm x 25mm

  • The Faithfull Vitrified grinding wheels are suitable for use on most types of bench grinder.
  • White wheels are ideal for the general purpose grinding of ferrous metals but they are particularly suited for the sharpening of cutting tools such as chisels and plane irons. These wheels help keep your tools cooler to avoid overheating and weakening the cutting edge.
  • 125mm wheels have a bore size of 19.05mm, supplied with a 12.7mm reducing bush.
  • 150 and 200mm wheels are supplied with bore reducing bushes and will fit bench grinders with the following shaft sizes: 31.75mm, 25.4mm, 19.05mm, 15.88mm, 12.77mm

Silverline 812096 Replacement Grinding Wheel Replacement Wheel

  • Aluminium oxide
  • For grinding and polishing most metals
  • Sharpens tools and blades
  • Replacement wheel for Silverline Bench Grinder (Code 263511)
  • 150 mm diameter

Scotch-Brite Light Deburring Wheel, 10 in x 1 in x 5 in 7S FIN, 2 per case

  • Provides a clean and economical system for removing fine burrs, yet resulting in a polished finish
  • Conformability offers consistent finishing while keeping fresh abrasive mineral continuously exposed
  • Nonwoven web runs cool and lessens impact on heatsensitive materials
  • Unique resin system produces less smearing, reducing clean and prep time
  • Multipurpose wheel cleans, finishes, blends, deburrs, and polishes all types of metals, composites and glass

SAIT 20195 Type 27 Grinding Wheel A24T, 9-Inch by 1/4-Inch by 5/8-11-Inch, 10-Pack

  • Edge grinding
  • Aluminum oxide grain
  • Use on ferrous metals, iron, steel welds
  • Internally reinforced with the highest quality fiberglass for maximum safety
  • Edge and bevel grinding

Silverline 656592 Diamond Grinding Wheel 100 x 22.23 mm Double Row

  • Sintered wheel with 7 mm segment height for concrete, masonry and stone
  • Double row offers finer finishing
  • Max 15,000rpm
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders including Silverline and GMC

6-Inch Bench Grinding Wheels 46 Grit Aluminium Oxide for Surface Grinding

  • Size: 6 inches in diameter 46
  • Strong stability: in corundum, with high hardness and the shape reminiscent well.
  • High grinding ratio: uniform particles, difficult to sand, less wear.
  • Good tenacity: with sharp abrasive grain, good angular retention and high durability.
  • Wide range of use: Ideal grinding tool for medium and high strength metal materials.

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